Impact Wrestling: TNA Is Doing Right by Selling Genesis PPV Early

David LevinSenior Writer IIDecember 29, 2011

I watched the final episode of Impact Wrestling for 2011 and have to say I am impressed with the images I was left with at 11 pm.

While the last PPV event of 2011, Turning Point left us all a little parched and wanting a long, stiff drink, Genesis could prove to be a "turning point" in TNA's attempt to grow more in 2012.

The fact creative used some big stones to make the main event of the night a Knockout's Title Match between Mickie James and Gail Kim, it proves there is more to this promotion than the TNA World title. While Gail Kim retained her title with the help of a "masked" women from under the ring (Madison Rayne), the idea to put females in the final segment of the show was brilliant.

Hopefully, creative will have bigger stones and make more matches like that in the future.

While Genesis is not on the same level or caliber of creativity as the Royal Rumble in the WWE, there are some really great matches that could turn out to be cornerstones for TNA and the new year.

Bobby Roode is growing into his heel role and using his family and playing the "nobody cared" angle in defending his title. Roode and Jeff Hardy is a pretty good main event match. I'll be curious to see what happens next week when the first Impact show is the first before the PPV event.

Hardy could take the title, but I am not sure this will happen yet. There are too many variables involved like who faces Hardy if he wins? Does a Roode/Hardy battle generate as much attention as a Roode/A J Styles or Roode/James Storm confrontation, which really has not happened yet.

Although I want (as well as the TNA fans) to see "Cowboy" James Storm and Roode hook it up, the feud between Storm and Kurt Angle is moving forward, and could draw more fire in the coming weeks, even after Genesis.

Only problem is that leaves Styles on the outside looking in. Does he and Kazarian win the right to face Crimson and Matt Morgan for the TNA World Tag Team Titles?

We also saw some difference in Immortal when Abyss turned on Scott Steiner during their tag team match and then challenging Bully Ray to match at the PPV. Maybe this will continue to divide the stable and then wrestlers like Bully Ray and Gunner, who should be better withe Ric Flair as his "Bobby Heenan" in the corner, can become better singles stars.

It's easy to look this card and see there are possibilities for greatness, including an X-Division match that could be as good as Destination X was in the middle of 2011.

So tonight, I can rest a little easier. TNA looks to be moving forward. The women are wrestling. The men are wrestling. The creative team got it right for the PPV so far. And in the end, there could be a lot of momentum shifting their way as they head into the cold winter months.

Yes, I guess you could say I like it.