WWE News: Chris Jericho To Be in Canada Monday Night?

A.D. Christian VitaleCorrespondent IIDecember 30, 2011

As fans already know, someone is supposedly making their WWE return on next Monday's episode of RAW.

A whirlwind of people are suspected of being behind these mysterious promos.

From Undertaker to the McMahons to Brodus Clay, they all have supporters who believe they will be the one to return on January 2nd.

However, 90 percent of fans believe that the man behind the promos is the "Best in the World," Chris Jericho.

After rumors hinted that Jericho would be in Memphis the same time as Monday night's RAW, it seems that Chris Jericho is trying to throw people off.

From Jericho on Twitter:

“On my way to Calgary to go boarding w @speewee in Louise! (Apparently Memphis is in the Rocky Mountains now) #internetfools”

Personally, I believe this is Chris Jericho trying to cover up his WWE return.

I will post more on the story as it comes out.

Stay tuned.


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