Jeff Moorad, Padres Union Could Leave Chicago Cubs Peavy'd

Brad HuotariCorrespondent IJanuary 3, 2009

The Chicago Sun-Times contained this small tidbit this morning: D-Backs Moorad Resigns, will buy Padres. For those of us waiting for some kind of Jake Peavy deal, this can't be good news.

San Diego GM Kevin Tower has been slashing payroll to make a purchase more palatable to prospective owners. The last slash was to be Peavy and his contract. Seems Moorad has agreed in principal with the existing roster.

Before Jeff Moorad became an owner, he was an agent—Manny Ramirez's agent among others. It's very rare to see a new baseball owner acquire a team and continue slashing payroll.

What usually happens is the new owner desires to make a splash to solidify the fan base and starts spending money. Could the Padres enter the Manny sweepstakes?

I'm a huge fan of Adrian Gonzalez, but he's doesn't have a lot of help. How would Manny and Gonzalez look in the middle of a lineup?

Regardless, to me it looks like Peavy won't be wearing Cub blue in 2009. Hope Jim Hendry has a "Plan B," because losing DeRosa doesn't set so well if Peavy isn't part of the equation.