Oregon Rose Bowl Uniforms 2012: Grading Ducks' Nike Pro Combat Uniform

Bennett SpectorSocial Media StaffJanuary 2, 2012

The Oregon Ducks have become synonymous with innovative uniform combinations. In this year's Rose Bowl against Wisconsin, the Ducks decided to one-up themselves and go with mirrored helmets. These uniforms have Twitter buzzing and everyone talking. Here's a breakdown of Oregon's Rose Bowl uniforms:


The Helmets: 9/10 (A-)

Chrome, mirrored, silver, shiny...beautiful? The helmets are the focal point of the uniform combination and for good reason. Never seen before, these lids speak for themselves. Per Nike: "A new look for the helmet featuring bright wings atop a mirrored appearance using a LiquidMetal black finish never before seen on the field."


The Jerseys: 8/10 (B+)

Pretty standard for the Ducks. Dark Oregon green with yellow piping around the numbers. The names really pop with the bright yellow lettering. The one standout with these jerseys are the chrome wings on the shoulders. The chrome on the jerseys nicely pairs with the helmets.


The Pants: 7/10 (C)

Simple green pants with yellow Nike logos. The pants are basic, but the wild helmets and jerseys do plenty.


The Gloves: 10/10 (A+)

Bright yellow and beautiful. The "wing" print looks awesome on the edges of the gloves, and when a player puts up the Oregon "O" symbol, it creates an Oregon "O" on the gloves. Awesome!


Overall: 8.25/10 (B+ / A-)

Love them or hate them, the Ducks know how to get people talking.


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