WWE Raw Segment Analysis: "It Begins" with a Strong, Unpopular Opinion

Maria Cane@ItsSocratesCorrespondent IIIJanuary 3, 2012

Before I begin my weekly WWE Raw analysis focusing on a certain segment of last night's show, let me say this.

What I'm about to type is a very strong opinion. While my opinion is respectable, I know that it is not one that the majority of fans on this site want to hear.

I understand that I may be called a typical WWE complainer in the process. However, my article history suggests otherwise.

At the end of the day, if you enjoyed what WWE did with Chris Jericho and his return last night, I will be the first to say congratulations to you. And that I'm happy you enjoyed your Y2J experience.

Now, let's begin, shall we?

For about a month, WWE has been hyping up something major with cryptic promos showing peculiar interaction involving a little girl, a little boy and a school house. A message was sent that the ending was to be the beginning.

From day one, however, the surprise was immediately spoiled by those who awaited the return of WWE superstar Chris Jericho.

Fans have been bugging Jericho from pillar to post about his long-awaited return to the squared ring. As early as yesterday morning even, a picture surfaced of Jericho in the same city as the Raw show.

As you can tell, any sense of suspense and surprise about these mysterious promos were killed by the overzealous gossip of the online wrestling fans.

And let's be honest, it showed last night.

When Jericho first appeared, he did not get an overwhelming crowd reaction. Now, you may feel like stopping your reading experience here. But in all honesty, I believe it's the truth.

The Memphis, Tenn. crowd is more adult-orientated, judging of course by how they welcomed John Cena. It was a given that most of this particular audience had heard of the obvious assumptions that the mystery person was going to be Jericho.

In all honesty, this doomed the segment from the beginning.

Jericho spent the first half of the time trying to hype the crowd up for his return and a eventual heel turn. Because again, let's be honest, the crowd was nearly silent.

And then, Jericho spent the other half of the time smiling and parading around, making it obvious that his return was more sarcasm, and that he was making a fool of the fans.

Here's my main issue:

I have NO quips with Jericho returning heel. As a matter of fact, I figured it would be the case judging by how he was tweeting that he was going to be playing his bad guy character again. It seems as though the "Raw is Jericho" days are long gone and Jericho prefers to spend the rest of his career playing heel.

My problem, is that this witty, sarcastic subtle heel promo that was meant to throw eggs at the fans faces backfired. And may have lost viewers in the process.

It's no secret that the WWE is trying to recover from ratings woes. The recent ratings being lower than a 3.0.

In addition, it's no secret that WWE is trying to recover from ratings to garner more interest in their WWE Network. After all, if people don't even want to watch the show on a regular cable channel, what will make people more interested if it's some extra channel on a digital cable box that you have to pay extra for?

With that in mind, the last thing that WWE needed was a guy smiling and laughing and running around in circles barely saying anything. That will make you lose viewers and interests really quickly.

Don't believe me? Ask Bischoff and Russo how that worked when they pulled those same stunts over at the now defunct WCW.

But I know what the responses will be. The responses will be that this was a perfect heel promo that took a unique route towards building a character. The suspense built will require fans to tune in each week and have patience with what's next.

And I'm telling you, I don't think fans have anymore patience for WWE. And why should we?

Quite frankly, the WWE has used enough of fans' patience with other storylines and angles, including the never-ending "will John Cena turn heel?" fiasco and bombed past narratives such as the anonymous general manager plot.

But wait, I know what the next response will be. Commenters will asked what would I have liked to have seen instead.

Well, Jericho should have cut a promo. I'm sorry, but he should've. Jericho should have cut the greatest heel promo that you would've ever seen. A heel promo with actual words that drew the crowd back into the show.

How can you have the perfect heel promo when you have to struggle to get the crowd into the promo in the first place? When Jericho pulled the heel gimmick of sarcastically hyping up fans, the crowd became more silent than ever.

Truthfully, that segment was a crowd killer. And I know many will say it's because fans are too stupid again. No, that's not it. It's because fans have ran out of patience with the WWE and in all honesty, can you blame them?

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