Fiesta Bowl 2012: Bowl Proves Oklahoma State Should Not Have Been in Title Game

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IJanuary 3, 2012

Will the OSU fans now please shut up? And that includes you Mr. Pickens. (ap photo)
Will the OSU fans now please shut up? And that includes you Mr. Pickens. (ap photo)

Larry Burton (Syndicated Writer)  OK, Oklahoma State football whiners, will you now shut up about not being in the national title game?

You had to survive a missed chip shot field goal to beat a Stanford team with absolutely no defense. Had you have played either Alabama or LSU you would have been embarrassed.

Had you have brought that game to any SEC elite team, the outcome wouldn't have been pretty.

Same for Stanford.

Yes, I write for the SEC, but it was apparent to Big Ten, Pac-12 and every other sportswriter worth his ink that neither team would have fared well against LSU in a title game. Remember the team that beat Stanford, and beat them rather handily?

You know, that same Oregon team that simply dismantled Stanford, the same team that should have beaten you?

Well, that team was crushed by LSU and if it did that to a team that was clearly your better, just think what the Tigers would have done to you.

The LSU Tigers just didn't beat a team clearly better than the team you played to a near draw, they stomped them.

If LSU beat Oregon by 40-27, can you imagine what this team would have done to you? Remember, Oregon beat the team you just should have lost to by a score of 53-30!

So stop your whining, don't beat your chest and say that this lucky win proves anything. Take a top five finish and know you wouldn't finish fourth in the SEC, not with that defense.

It's time to take your win graciously and just shut up already.