WWE SmackDown: Why It Has Way Too Many Heels

Richard TilleyContributor IIIJanuary 7, 2012

As of now there are two relevant faces on SmackDown, Big Show and Sheamus.

Randy Orton is injured and out for a while and Daniel Bryan pretty much guaranteed his heel turn on the last SmackDown. Sheamus has been taking down heel after heel after heel lately and has yet to get anywhere with it.

That means that there are just way too many bad guys.

Lets be honest, there is no good reason for D Bry to change to a heel. We don't need another whiny heel and who really wants to boo D Bry instead of cheering him?

It makes no sense because before this heel turn, everyone liked Bryan more than Big Show. Why not just have Bryan face Big Show in a clean set of a good matches?

This is sort of the same thing that happened with Christian and Randy. Instead of just having a good face on face rivalry they just turned Christian into a whiny heel. It seems like no matter what, SmackDown wants to avoid face versus face matches.

The heels on SmackDown have way too little competition now. You have Big Show, Sheamus, then the faces that no one cares about. This includes Justin Gabriel and Ted DiBiase. Thats it—that's all the current faces.

Last SmackDown they had two matches with two joke faces; a Santino match and a Hornwoggle match. Now these are the guys that we don't want to see.

Instead of having Drew Mcintyre face Santino in a joke roll-up match, how about he starts afresh with a new face and have a set of matches with him to last throughout the rivalry?

Oh yeah, thats because there are no faces to do that.

Right now the only way to fix this is to turn a few heels to face and make Justin Gabriel build up to an interesting character.

Lets face it, DiBiase already has passed the point of being interesting at all. Also, bring Ezekiel Jackson back up to the main roster. He has no business on Superstars.

And please, for the love of god, stop heel turning very other face that gets their hands on the championship. Not every face who cashes in the Money in the Bank on a downed opponent has to turn. Face vs. Face rivalries are usually the best ones.

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