WWE Rumor: The Identity of Chris Jericho's "She" Possibly Revealed?

JB 2.0Contributor IIIJanuary 8, 2012

It's pure speculation. It's a simple thought. It's possible. But it's a downright rumor right now from this writer with no credible website backing me on it. However, I do have some food for thought on this mystery.

In video vignettes for Chris Jericho's arrival to WWE, we had no clue who was coming back for real until Jericho finally revealed himself to be the man this past Monday on RAW. What we did know about it all, was that there was a mysterious "she" behind it all.

She was making him come back, and she will be the one controlling the actions of one Chris Jericho. It's uncertain what those actions will be, but for now, WWE has dropped some hints in just their normal daily things.

People speculated that Kharma could be the SHE behind everything. Seeing as she would have her baby by Wrestlemania, Kharma controlling Jericho wouldn't be outside her character's capability. So, it was a thought.

Some thought it could be Trish Stratus. Trish has been known to make shocking appearances and actually has no problem working with WWE. She was at Wrestlemania last year and was involved a lot in the build up for it.

Her being the mysterious "she" wouldn't be out of the ordinary.

But really, the No. 1 suspect and really the only person who totally fits, is Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie has been uncharacteristically involved in the media as of late. Usually Triple H or Vince McMahon, even Johnny Ace is involved in media interviews and appearances. While Stephanie is at home in Connecticut running a lot of WWE things from its headquarters there, she is never on the road.

But dating back a few months, around the same time the mysterious promos came were getting hot, Stephanie was involved in many interviews.

Not to mention she lost more than 80 pounds and is really looking good as of late. The pictures of her online that hit the Internet a few weeks ago, make it look as if she is training for a comeback.

Now, Stephanie may of been losing all this weight just for a personal reason of trying to get in better health after having a few children. It doesn't necessarily mean a comeback. But think about it.

Stephanie McMahon was on TV some last summer. Even if it wasn't that much. McMahon was talked about by CM Punk pretty much ever since Triple H became the man in charge. She eventually showed up on WWE TV in segments involving the current WWE Champion, which left people wondering after they were over.

That means people got to seeing her a bit and she made sort of a built-in rivalry with CM Punk, the man rumored to be taking on Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania.

While this is pure speculation, Stephanie McMahon being her is not all that crazy. McMahon has a history with Chris Jericho, whether rival or partner. If they both have a beef with CM Punk, who has taken WWE by storm, they'll want to team up.

CM Punk needs a marque matchup and one that can be worthy of such a terrific talent. Jericho is worthy of the same and can deliver like always.

She may not be revealed for some time, but one thing is for sure. The top girl out there that you need to keep an eye on, is Stephanie McMahon-Hemsley.