Peyton Manning: A True Class Act

Mike MeadowsContributor IJanuary 3, 2009

Peyton Manning is the face of the NFL and for good reason. In a league that has so many troublemakers and finger-pointers, Manning always does the right thing.

We all know Peyton has his playoff troubles, but that aside, this guy is amazing. It's so nice to see a guy win and lose with so much class. When you see guys like Terrell Owens lose, it's always the blame game.

When you see a guy like Jay Cutler last week in his loss to the Chargers he was asked if the team they just lost to was the real deal he says, "Who, them? No, the Colts will handle them."

When the Colts win, Manning is always the first to say that it was a great game plan and the defense played well. Sometimes he even gives credit to his running game when they don't deserve it. They will have 70 yards on the ground and he will say they moved the chains on short yardage and did what was asked of them by giving the Colts balance.

When he loses, it's never a blame game. It's always, "I missed a couple open receivers, but you gotta give it up to (winning team who ever it was). They played great and executed well."

This guy knows how to win with class and lose with class.

In a time when players are shooting themselves in the leg and beating up strippers, you get none of this from ANY Colt players. Peyton sets an example for young football fans and his whole team. His off-the-field activities are amazing and his leadership is untouched by any athlete in almost any sport. 

He also puts up the numbers and wins a lot of games. When all is said and done, and Peyton is retired, he will go down as the best QB ever to play the game, even if he doesn't win another Super Bowl. And he will be well deserving

Just so everyone knows, I am not a Colts fan or a Peyton Manning fan, so this is not a bias piece. I am actually a Chargers fan and spent all night hoping for Manning to make a mistake, and I always root against the Colts unless they are playing the Steelers or the cheating, video-taping Patriots, who always seem to get EVERY call.