WWE Make-a-Wish: The Miz Grants His First Individual Wish to Dylan

Marc MattalianoCorrespondent IIIJanuary 9, 2012

Photo copyrights, trademarks and ownership belong to WWE and WWE.com
Photo copyrights, trademarks and ownership belong to WWE and WWE.com

It may seem like a small story to some, but WWE.com has reported that The Miz has granted his first individual Make-A-Wish request to a young boy named Dylan.

According to the article, the young boy came to Kansas City when Triple H had fired Miz and Truth, and he had the chance to meet a number of other Superstars.  However, the request fulfillment was delayed because he only wanted to meet Miz.

The Miz says in the article, “So Dylan started crying and his mom started crying because he didn’t want to meet any of them in Kansas City, he wanted to meet me.  That kind of touches your heart.  That kid wanted to meet me. That’s his wish. That’s what he wanted to do.”

Most of us who keep up with WWE's on-screen TV developments know what kind of a jerk The Miz can be.  We know of his loud mouth, we know of his cheating ways, we know how often he's attempted to undermine authority and rules so he can get his way.

We hear loyal Cenation zealots cry out that Cena's beloved by the children, that WWE shouldn't turn Cena into an evil, bad guy, because the kids just eat him up, and that Cena's a purveyor of good, wholesome values that kids should look up to.

Some of these folks clearly weren't around during the Attitude Era to see 8-year-olds wearing Austin t-shirts and waving foam middle fingers.  So now, you have your image to turn your world upside down!

The Miz is easily one of the top heels in WWE right now, and this little boy's wish was to meet him at likely the height of his recent heeldom.

Throws a tiny wrench into the Cenation gears, doesn't it?  People say Cena should stay the way he is because he's a good role model to market to kids.  Really?  All kids?

Maybe I need to start taking pictures of just how many little boys I see in malls and at shopping centers with faux-hawks.  For your info, they're freaking everywhere!

WWE is packed full of incredible talent, and even though there isn't any reported plans to change Cena in any drastic way between now and his history-making match with The Rock at WrestleMania 28, I'd like to think someone high up is looking really close at this picture and seeing the possibilities.

The Miz is not going many places right now as a heel.  He made MAJOR waves when he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Randy Orton following Survivor Series 2010, and carried that belt through WrestleMania 27, insisting on not being ignored as a key factor in John Cena's budding rivalry with The Rock. 

He also made great waves when he and Truth were the 2011 version of the Outsiders, invading WWE PPV events and house shows following their firing.

Since losing at TLC, though, he really hasn't gone anywhere special.  So instead of keeping up the Cena talk, I'm going to take a more positive stance.  It may finally be time to turn Miz face.

He's been a heel long enough.  He's made enough impact, he's gotten enough people reacting to him.  Before he loses that sway, he needs to turn face to keep people interested while they're still keeping him in their crosshairs.

He's a great talent with all the tools to be bigger than he can be.  Most of all, he has the vocal ability to get crowds eating out of his fingertips.  If you've ever heard him speak live at a house show, you know it full well.  If not, look back at his promos on Raw.

Catchphrases, quick wit, a slight mean streak, some devious aspects to him, yet he has a good look, a charming smile, and an energetic attitude.

Odd to say, but while The Miz modeled himself after The Rock, The Miz as a face could actually be compared better to Triple H.

Give Miz a flashier entrance, a cool light show, maybe even some flashy pyro, and we could be looking at another Game.

In 2012, WWE needs to take advantage of this.