WWE Raw Segment Analysis I: Brodus Clay's Adventure in the Doghouse Continues

Maria Cane@ItsSocratesCorrespondent IIIJanuary 10, 2012

Last week I wrote an article commenting on the de-push of Brodus Clay.

Clay since the end of last year was hyped up as a monster heel destined to joining the ranks of Mark Henry. But that all came to screeching halt when he spoiled his own debut via Twitter.

His return was pushed back for months to the point where it was becoming the butt of John Laurinaitis, aka "Big Johnny," texting gags.

No one thought that Clay's debut could've been more ruined with constant pushbacks and cell phone jokes.

Well, the WWE Creative Team proves us wrong once again.

After months of hype promos, Clay finally debuted on the second WWE Raw of the 2012 year. And what a debut it was.

Too bad I don't mean that in a good way.

Quite frankly, no words could ever live up to the hilarity that ensued. Clay coming out in Detroit pimp and b-boy attire with two valets (one being NXT Diva Naomi) dancing by his side.

Clay was not the monster heel seeking to destroy anything and everything in his path. Instead, he was The Funk-assaurus, with extra emphasis on the "ass" part.He was born in the city of Planet Funk, and he certainly had the wardrobe to prove it.

While it is hard for me to type this article with a straight face, at least there was some fun in this segment. He wrestled against Curt Hawkins in a match quicker than a Divas battle where he won.

Afterwards, more hilarity ensued as he danced Too Cool style with his funkalicious valets.

In all, it was hilariously bad to the point where I was still laughing my ass off way after the whole ordeal was over.

With that being said, it's obvious that Clay's seat in the doghouse has officially been in sketched in stone for now. He went from being a monster heel who probably was going to get first dibs in the Royal Rumble, to becoming a mix of Santino Marella and Rikishi.

Many talents int he past has commented that when it comes to gaining heat backstage, the WWE backstage heads play no games. However, this was punishment in the most hilarious yet cruelest form.

Even a mic caught Clay during the segment acknowledged he sucked while the fans were laughing their behinds off at him.

If Vince McMahon and Co. are still upset that he spoiled his return, they could've just sent him back down to Florida Championship Wrestling. They could've gave him the Alex Riley/Spirit Squad treatment and sent him back to territory.

Heck, they should've just waited until the Royal Rumble and have Clay make a damn good first impression in the legendary battle royal match. Having him debut in a Rumble match and then being one of the final two men would've been classic.

Instead though, he was subjected to The Shockmaster treatment. Somewhere, Vince Russo is proud.

Never has a fall in recent memory been so great than the story of Brodus Clay. A story that proves that a wrestler should be careful of what he tweets.

Or else, he/she will get funk-de-fied to midcard joke heaven.

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