Bama Fans, We All Need To "Settle Down"

12Correspondent IJanuary 4, 2009

The 2008 season was a spectacular season for the Alabama Crimson Tide. 

16 true freshmen got valuable experience, and the groundwork for the resurgence of the Alabama football program has been established.  Coach Nick Saban has improved this team from 7-6 in 2007 to 12-2 in 2008, and that is something even revered coach Paul "Bear" Bryant didn't do. 

So, why are Bama's fans all so down?  I was upset at the losses to Florida and Utah as much as anyone.  The Tide had a chance to beat Florida, and came up short.  Alabama got down by 21 points to Utah in the first quarter before waking up, and never gave up. 

It was just not Bama's day.  However, after having a complete day to digest the situation, I'm in a completely different frame of mind this Sunday, Jan. 4.

Bama is a blessed team.  Try and force yourself to remember where we were before this season.  Try and recall the probation years when we were being beat up by teams that have previously respected us (LSU, Auburn, Tennessee etc.).  

The Crimson Tide now is respected by all of these teams, and the future looks bright.  The Alabama Crimson Tide is relevant in the SEC once again, and I don't think that is anything to take for granted. 

Coach Saban has recruited some of the finest quality young men in the entire nation to attend the University of Alabama, and he will continue to build this program into a winner once again. 

Alabama is well on it's way to becoming one of the prominent teams in college football, something that couldn't have been said for many, many years.  So cheer up, Bama fans, the sun came up this morning after all, and I for one am excited about the future of Alabama Crimson Tide football.  Let's all "settle down", and enjoy the ride.  Roll Tide!


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