Brodus Clay Is the Answer to Saving the WWE

Richard GallonContributor IIIDecember 21, 2016

For the past couple of weeks, WWE has been at the mercy of a new force. Something we never saw coming, and something that has certainly made us all take notice. That force comes in the form of Brodus Clay, but more importantly, it comes in his new gimmick as the Funkasaurus.

Granted, the arrival of the man from Planet Funk was a strange route to take for someone once billed as the monster heel WWE had been missing ever since The Big Show took away Mark Henry's mojo, but the subsequent squash matches and TV time have given everyone watching a feeling they have not felt in a long time: Fun.

Fun has been a very lacking word in WWE for many years now, and it is not solely because of the move to a PG rating several years ago. We've had funny in the form of Santino Marella and his butchery of the English language, and we've had entertainment in the form of great matches. All things considered, WWE has maintained a standard for putting on mostly great shows that make it satisfying buying a ticket or buying pay-per-views every month.

Except us, the audience, having fun.

We've been entertained and enamored with what we watch, but there is never a sense that when you're watching WWE's product, you're having fun with the superstars. At house shows, this is a guarantee because the wrestlers are not hindered by gimmicks or time constraints that limit what they're able to do in the ring.

But on national television, WWE employees are forced to be their characters and not deviate from the path. We can laugh at Santino Marella and his antics, or a previously-mute Hornswoggle getting the upper hand on a Chavo Guerrero or R-Truth doing his R-Truth-isms, but it's entertainment that we as the audience cannot participate in.

At the start of the 21st century, WWE had the ace up their sleeves to give a show that fun factor: they had Too Cool.

Let's be honest: Could WWE have had a dance routine in the middle of a Royal Rumble for the past few years with their current roster? Has the WWE been able to utilize one or two or three talents currently employed who haven't won every title there is to win and still be one of the most popular superstars on the roster?

You take out Santino, Hornswoggle or Ricardo Rodriguez, and their input isn't missed. But you take out Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay, and suddenly the fun is lost.

This also harkens back to The New Age Outlaws. Individually, they never lifted the company's top title, and the championships they did win as a team or as individuals were not multiple. But their appeal of being in the ring and have the audience able to participate along with them was what made them special. Whenever these five individuals came out to the ring, you knew you were in for a good time.

Brodus Clay can be that shining light for the fans to latch on to.

We've already seen the immediate positive response from the audiences on Raw and SmackDown. People are able to finally have fun when going to a WWE event because Brodus Clay makes it fun. It's great to see a large man coming to the ring with comme ci, comme ça dance moves, just having a good time. The fact that we, the audience, are able to join him in his frivolities makes the experience all the better.

For the first time in many years I believe that WWE are finally turning that corner and returning to being the absolute best they have ever been. Brodus Clay is the crown jewel of their new movement of having fun once again.

What do you think?  Is Brodus Clay the answer to making WWE their absolute best again? Please comment below.

Thanks for reading.