WWE Brodus Clay: RAW Debut Was Like Watching Death Happen

JB 2.0Contributor IIIJanuary 10, 2012

Now, I'll be the first to say I was never massively high on Brodus Clay. I thought he had talent and that he had a future in WWE due to his size and athleticism at close to 400 pound. No man in the world is his size and has the ability to do what he can, at least not anyone I've ever seen or met.

To me, Clay has a total package of size and skill. His look makes you fear him and his ability in the ring makes you wonder why you stepped into a ring.

Very few men in WWE could even stand up to him, and even they could have trouble taking on a guy with better skill than them.

He's the size of Mark Henry, but can do far more in the ring than the former World Champion. Guys like Umaga and Rikishi both had some ability and athletic prowess at their size, especially Umaga.

But I could put either man up to Clay when they were in WWE, and Clay would win most of, if not every time.

My first opinion of Clay was, if this man can wrestle as good as he is big, he will be an unstoppable force in WWE. Then he goes out and rips through the NXT boys, and then becomes a major asset to Alberto Del Rio.

He goes on WWE Superstars and kills everyone in his way. Then he is gone for a while and people cannot wait to see him re-debut on RAW. It was the biggest thing going and every single week we expected him to be there, only to be told he won't be.

Even Johnny Ace said that he was holding Clay off so that when he comes back, he'll be a monster. So, we all expected a guy with monster-like skills to come in and absolutely crush people.

Then, last night, after much anticipation we are given Brodus Clay. Everyone seemed excited and then we saw him. He was a dancing freak out there coming out like Rikishi and acting like a bad Dusty Rhodes rip off in the ring.

No one was really booing or cheering all that much. Most of the crowd was in shock and the one's that did manage to actually react, were laughing. Even the commentators and Justin Roberts were cracking up about it. Because literally, it was a COMEDY ACT!

Literally, it was like I was witnessing death happen live on TV.

We saw such a talented young man automatically go from main event to mid-cards in less than two minutes. To me, it was the worst gimmick mistake since Matt Morgan. We saw Morgan stay in WWE with his stupid gimmick as long as he could, then he left for higher ground.

Eventually he landed in TNA and became a main-event player there. He is probably the best talent over 7 foot in the world. Such skill and ability that WWE wasted with a stupid gimmick.

The same goes for Clay.  Once a monster and now a laughingstock. He's a joke and a comedy act. That's not Brodus Clay, that's some sort of big Santino.

Yes, comedy acts do have a place in WWE. I am okay with them, but only for people who really work with it and it's the place they NEED to be. Santino fits it perfectly. But Clay? No. He's a monster heel who needs to be billed as just that.

By the way, the one's who want to talk about the whole worldwide twitter trend during the National Title game. It lasted for just a few minutes and it happened during Half Time.

So, don't think that Clay's debut was such a good thing that it took down football from twitter. And most of those people were also talking about what stupidity they saw.

Fun fact, his entrance music was Ernest "The Cat" Miller's. And Miller lasted only three months in WWE before his release.

Don't be surprised with all the negative reviews, that Clay gets a gimmick change within the next five months. Clay is better than this gimmick and if it continues, he not only will never see the main event scene and win World Titles, but he may disappear from TV due to crowds being deadpan.

If the same reactions happen next week, I don't know what will happen to Clay.

Another fun fact, the last dancing gimmick was done with DJ Gabriel on ECW. Another legit talent being used idiotically. And he was eventually released after a few months.

Could the same happen with Brodus Clay? We'll have to see.

What did you think about Clay's debut? Good or bad?