WWE: What's Next for Air Boom If Primo and Epico Can't Dethrone Them?

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistJanuary 13, 2012

Image Courtesy of: wwematcheswwwyki.blogspot.com
Image Courtesy of: wwematcheswwwyki.blogspot.com

Tag team wrestling: an art form that even some of the greatest of all time have not always been able to master. A unique form of wrestling that transcends the simple mechanics we all know of singles matches in professional wrestling.

Many greats have come from small beginnings as a part of a tag team. It all begins with an opportunity which many would get early on as part of a tag team. In fact, tag team wrestling has given us one of the greatest (if not the greatest) of all time in Shawn Michaels.

In WWE today, tag teams seem to have become a remnant of the past. The idea that there could once have been a 10-tag team elimination match at Survivor Series would be outright ridiculous to a newer fan.

The reasons behind this are multiple and varied; however, that is not the focus here. What is the focus is how is this minimal division shaping itself.

Right now, there is a grand total of one tag team in the division that has ever won gold, and that is the current champions, Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, of Air Boom. Two great mid-card singles competitors, these two have melded perfectly into the tag team role. The only problem is their competition.

WWE recently added a new tag team to the fray in Primo and Epico. These two are relatives in the Colon family, so they have natural chemistry. The other plus is that Primo himself has held tag team gold, though, only with his other relative to wrestle in the WWE, Carlito.

This team has already been feuding with the tag team champions, earning mostly losses but getting enough wins to even earn a title shot, which they lost. The feud is still going on, but the battles between the two seem too one-sided, with Primo and Epico lacking definition in their characters and credibility as a tag team.

But if WWE had to make a new tag team just to get Air Boom competition, who can they possibly face after Epico and Primo?

Well, the funny thing is that there is a much more established tag team in the wings. In fact, there are two who would probably make for far more established and plausible rivals.

A four-team division is not a great setup, but it is better than nothing. However, do most casual fans even know who the other two tag teams are in the division? With the way they are booked, wrestling mostly on Superstars and NXT, I would doubt it.

These two challengers that could really make the division flow with more consistency are two very different entities.

The first is Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks. This team is not exactly the most grandiose in that it is comprised of two men who have largely gone unpushed and unnoticed in WWE. It needs to be said, though, that both are extremely talented.

Hawkins has an ideal look, the heart of a young star waiting for his moment and the ability to easily compete in the mid-card title picture. Reks is a beast of a man. He looks menacing and has the ability in the ring and on the mic that most big men today seem to lack.

Together, they are the only other heel tag team in the division, yet they have charisma and natural ability that should have made them top contenders by now. Instead, they have been ignored again and again.

The feud between these two could be simple yet compelling. Hawkins and Reks are a classic tag team mold for WWE. The big man with the smaller mastermind. It is basically Miz and Jericho when they tagged with Show, except these two are seen more as equals at the moment.

This classic heel tandem can go up against the ultimate babyface team of Air Boom and their high-flying moves for the tag team gold. Also, mic work would be possible and encouraged as it largely ignored currently for the division.

The other team that can feud with Air Boom is the face tandem of the Usos. Jimmy Uso and his brother, Jey, were born to hold tag team gold. They are athletic, charismatic and perfectly in sync with one another. They could have easily been where Air Boom already is.

They are not great on the mic, but they are not bad, either. In the ring, these two would put on a spectacle with Air Boom.

The face vs. face feud might be something rarely seen, but at this point in the division, it makes a lot of sense, as the titles are barely being defended in feuds and are usually just reserved for single matches.

The Usos should already be carrying the belts, in my opinion. Air Boom is great, but they are, at their heart, two mid-card stars who have been demoted in a sense. The Usos are talented, and they don't have a gimmick that will ever really work outside of tag team wrestling.

In the end, both the Usos and Hawins and Reks are up to bat if Primo and Epico fall, which is more than likely to occur. Both teams have something about them that should make the division look more optimistic.

The question is: Which team will be called up? Or will WWE lose faith in both teams and make a hasty decision in making another makeshift team? Let's hope for the sake of the whole division, they begin looking at what they already have first.