Tim Tebow Without a Girlfriend: Sexless and Tearless

Rocky SamuelsCorrespondent IIJanuary 14, 2012

When Tim Tebow was in college, a sexless admission dropped the collective jaws of a room full of reporters. He is presumably still a virgin, and this makes him hard to get—maybe specifically for eligible women, but also more broadly for a public trying to get an emotional handle on this emotionally-elusive quarterback.

In some ways, of course, Tebow’s emotions are on full display. When he scores a touchdown he invites ebullient crowd solidarity by screaming, "Come on!"

He also famously prays to Jesus on bended knee, a public act which is deeply personal to Tebow, especially considering that he has compared such prayerful acknowledgement to a husband’s declaration of love to his wife.

Tebow hinted recently that not having a girlfriend "is hard," but he rushed quickly past that cryptic disclosure.

Still, this fleeting glimpse of emotional difficulty might come as a relief to fellow 24-year-old men who can only dream of the romantic opportunities that Tebow bypasses in his singular commitment to chastity.

There must be something deeper, though, to the widespread curiosity about Tebow's romantic life, or lack thereof. If Tebow has been deified by some, others want to make sure he is human.

Some people might even want to see Tebow cry again.

Remember how he took all that heat for his waterworks when his University of Florida Gators were rolled with tide by Alabama?

Well, if there were ever an appropriate time for Tebow to shed tears again, it is now. 

After all, he is so consistently acquainted with tragedy through his tireless visits with the sick, and even dying, that you would think he would be overwhelmed—or you might worry that he has become numb to all the heartache.

The most cynical might wonder if sick kids have become inspirational props for his heroic play.

I don't wonder that. I believe every eloquent word I read about his sincerity.

If he were to give an indication, though, that he can’t handle it sometimes—that the collision of his charmed life and all these tragic circumstances is just too much to bear—he could reach even further; he could touch a lot of disillusioned people who want to believe in hope, but who will not be won over by a reassuring smile in the face of pain.

Some people want assurance that Tebow feels the weight of this messed-up world, and that like the rest of us, the burden is too much sometimes.

It is, of course, unfair to ask for such naked, emotional angst from a man already overexposed in a media spotlight. But such is our fascination with an inspiring, well-known celebrity who is, at least in some small measure, still alone.