WWE Fisher's Corner: A Weekly Dosage of Professional Wrestling

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IIJanuary 19, 2012

Welcome to the first edition of Fisher's Corner, a weekly piece containing my deep and articulate thoughts on Internet paper. Whether my opinions on weekly topics are out of this world, crazy or belligerently wrong, these are just some of the things I ponder about week by week.

The Resurgence of Brodus Clay

The title may be misleading, but Mr. Clay has done something that has rarely been done before in World Wrestling Entertainment—that is to make a critical fan, like myself, enjoy a new gimmick.

In the days of consistent character changes and predictable "heel vs. face" character placement, Clay has brought to light a sudden breath of fresh air. Not likely has anyone seen a mixture of Ernest the Cat Miller, the Godfather and Disco Inferno once before in WWE.

Behind the creepy vignettes and narcissistic tone, Clay was supposed to be introduced to the fans as a monster that was fed up with his delayed debut on Raw. Instead, two weeks ago, WWE gave us a little surprise.

Disco music, dancing girl and Clay in a '70s jumpsuit jacket graced the stage to a look of shock value, and WWE seems to have reduced that to a minimum from week to week.

Now, granted he is blowing past jobber wrestlers just like he's Randy Orton, but something seems different about Brodus Clay.

That is exactly what wrestling fans want: unpredictability and surprises. As for me, I concur.

Chris Jericho and the Unspoken Word

Can I have a show of hands for those who are regularly angry when Jericho pops up on screen?

My hand was raised as most of yours, too, because Jericho is doing exactly what he predicted before he came back to WWE. He is demonstrating the element of surprise.

His return on "1.2.12" was as emphatic as the Rock's return. Jericho ran up and down the stage and ring screaming to fans like he hasn't seen them in years. Without a single peep out of his mouth, he seemed to do the impossible: shut all of the Internet fans up.

I was speechless. Twitter was speechless and now we were witnessing a different Y2J.

The next week, he came out the same way his return panned out. Instead of not talking (which he didn't do regardless), "tears" rolled down his face as he left the ring crying. Another speechless moment? Absolutely right.

At this time, everyone was furious at Jericho for his actions, but secret be, that is the point. This past Monday, Jericho was in a six-man tag match with Bryan and Punk against Henry, Ziggler and Otunga.

Jericho was tagged in, scampered around for a few seconds and walked out. This time, a heel-like vibe flowed throughout the television. He was evolving to the character many predicted he would after analyzing the "1.2.12" vignettes for weeks.

Don't be fooled—Jericho will talk eventually, but that will not happen until he gets what he wants, and that is the WWE Championship. His return was brilliant and he is still doing a fantastic job. Are you mad at Chris Jericho?

Well, good. It must be working then.

Final Thoughts

This week in professional wrestling was certainly interesting. John Laurinaitis, VP of talent relations and interim Raw GM, finally broke down and took his aggressions out of Mick Foley, who is seeking a Royal Rumble spot. This occurred after Punk laid down that beautiful promo telling Ace that he is a pushover and a pathetic human being.

Funkman insists that he will screw Punk at the Royal Rumble PPV and this is all turning towards a change of character to the Funkman.

Ziggler keeps improving beyond his years, Bryan is starting to develop heel-like actions and whenever there are more answers, more questions arise.

When will the Divas Division clean up and start realizing potential? Is Brodus Clay going to crush yet another wrestler? What about Kane and Cena? (Insert Cena heel-turn question here.)

Thanks for tuning in to the first edition of Fisher's Corner. Hope you all have a pleasant day.

Whenever somebody has the answers, I just change the questions.