Will the Fight Ever End? Lebron James vs. Deshawn Stevenson

brandon LamCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2009


When DeShawn Stevenson and LeBron James got into a beef last year it was funny, entertaining, good for the NBA.

If you guys forgot what happened, Stevenson got mad at James because James said something to DeShawn's friend Drew Gooden.

Stevenson said that LeBron said something about my game, he said I'm getting a lot of hype this year and he does not think that I am a good player.

Stevenson then called LeBron overrated and LeBron replied with DeShawn saying something to me is like Soulja boy saying something about Jay Z.

The two almost came to blows in the playoffs by Stevenson giving James a hard foul around the head area. James told the media that, "IF we were on a playground something definitely would have happened."

DeShawn got Soulja boy to appear at the Wizards home game to show him respectably wearing a Stevenson's jersey. James countered to that and got the best rapper in the game right now to make a diss song about Stevenson.

Stevenson had no problem with it and saying hey its HOV. Yesterday when the Cavaliers played the Wizards, Stevenson was on the bench due to injury, but LeBron was playing.

And Stevenson was talking trash to LeBron and the two exchanged words and after the game when James was asked what were you guys saying to each other and James replied with,"

Ask him, I am not going to do that this year." When Stevenson was asked of it Stevenson said, "I don't care it's whatever. I don't like him. I don't like that dude."