Alabama's New Offensive Coodinator for 2012: The Nuessmeier Hire

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2012

Another spoke in the wheel of the process.
Another spoke in the wheel of the process.

People of have been mentioning Doug as a clone of Alabama's Jim McElwain. Well, if a clone can post a winning record of 48-7 over a four-year period, I think the 'Bama fans will take it. I would.

If you look at Doug's resume, nothing is going to jump off the pages at you. Sure, he helped put Jake Locker into a first-round draft position. Sure, the Huskies had a great pass efficiency last season. Sure Doug spent several seasons in the NFL learning the quarterback trade—a position he was highly successful in at college. 

When I say "jump off the pages," I am talking about longevity of career with division, conference and national championship stars next to his name. He doesn't have that. He simple has what he has. Four years of calling plays and 20 years of understanding the quarterback position.

I would like to point out that Jim McElwain increased offensive productivity over his four-year period year after year. Doug was still working his way to trying to turn things around at Washington and was improving the offense, but not in leaps and bounds. Going into a program that was 0-12 the year before is pretty hard to turn around. 

The truth is Doug is not at Alabama because he is some sort of offensive genius.

He is not at Alabama because the offense is in dire need of renovation. He is not at Alabama because A.J. McCarron has poor quarterback play. He is not at Alabama because they need to define what offense they are going to play. He is not at Alabama because he is needed to recruit major talent.

On the contrary, Doug is at Alabama because Alabama has an offensive identity. Alabama has a proven quarterback. Alabama doesn't need to renovate an offense that isn't rundown. Alabama provides a platform for Doug to become an offensive genius. And, Alabama has the talent.

In the end, as we knew what Jim would do, Nuessmeier will run Saban's offense the way Saban wants. An offense that Saban knows well and knows how to describe when he is on the podium at a press conference.