WWE Rumors: Why John Cena's Current Actions Do Not Suggest a Heel Turn

Anthony Pucik@AnthonyPucikCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2012

ST. PETERSBURG - OCTOBER 04:  Celebrity John Cena takes in Game Four of the American League Division Series  between of the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers at Tropicana Field on October 4, 2011 in St. Petersburg, Florida.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
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Last night on WWE's Monday Night RAW, former U.S. Champion Zach Ryder faced the Big Red Monster, Kane, in a falls count anywhere match. The match did not bode well for Ryder, who already had injured ribs as a result of being put through the entrance ramp by a Kane choke slam two weeks ago.

Ryder was rushed to a local hospital where it was announced that he suffered a broken back. Immediately after the match was over, the blame for Ryder's injury was placed on none other than the WWE scapegoat, John Cena.

This is nothing new for the former WWE Champion. For the past few months Cena has received mixed reactions from fans regarding his wrestling and demeanor.

Many say they are sick of the Cena good guy gimmick, and would like to see the superstar no longer be the face of the WWE and turn heel. With the return of Kane and his goal to make Cena "embrace hate," many think that this day has finally come.

For the past few weeks, Cena has been tormented by Kane, and he has acted very un-John Cena like. The clearest evidence of this was last week after Zach Ryder lost his U.S. title (fighting while injured) against Jack Swagger.

Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis gave Cena the opportunity to avenge his long time friend Zach Ryder lost in a match against Swagger later in the night. When the match finally started, Cena charged to the ring and attacked Swagger.

The onslaught continued and the bell had never even rung. Cena destroyed Swagger in the ring, knocked him around on the outside and was about to smash steel steps into Swagger's face until Kane broke it up, saying he was impressed that Cena was embracing the hate.

Could it be true? Could Cena actually turn heel? Turning to this week, it might seem that way as well.

When Ryder was being placed into the ambulance to be sent to the hospital after Kane's destruction, Ryder's "girlfriend" Eve blamed Cena for what happened to Ryder.

Cena grew very angry by this, and when he went to be interviewed about what happened he smacked the microphone away and stared into the camera with a sinister face shaking like a madman.

These are all clear signs of a heel turn, right?

For all those of you who are wishing it will happen, keep dreaming, because John Cena is not turning heel.

John Cena might be angry, but he is not turning heel. If anything, Kane is the the villain and Cena is in his usual role of being the good guy.

The WWE has tried more to defend Cena's hero character rather than instigate a heel turn.

When Kane finally spoke out a few weeks ago regarding his actions, he said that he hated Cena (which was cheered) but that he hated the fans also (which was obviously booed).

John Cena is the good guy in this feud. Kane feud with Cena is not turning him heel, he is showing himself as a heel against the WWE's hero.

People also believe that he will turn heel as a result of being the cause of his best friend, Zach Ryder's, current situation. That the injuries and torment Kane has caused Ryder is all Cena's fault.

But is it really? Going back to that same speech Kane made, he knocked Zach Ryder as being the underdog and for the WWE fans cheering for him.

In no way was he connecting his attack on Ryder with Cena; it just so happened that Cena saved him and he is one of Ryder's friends.

This also shows why the WWE isn't turning Cena heel, because he is defending and being paired with superstars that are liked by the WWE Universe as a whole.

John Cena defended and helped the much-liked Zach Ryder get the U.S. title and he was matched up with crowd favorite and current WWE Champion CM Punk last night. Anyone who cheers for Punk and Ryder and do not cheer for Cena are hypocrites, or simply Cena haters not realizing the WWE is trying to make Cena good once again. 

Finally, turning Cena heel right before WrestleMania would not make much sense and really take away the entire point of the match. 

The match is being headlined as the two most iconic men in their WWE time. If Cena turns heel, what kind of icon is he? He is simply a good guy turned bad, and more importantly, hated by all.

If Cena turned heel he would lose every last fan he had, Even people who say a heel turn would make Cena better would be lying, because it would only make him worse.

Nobody liked Cena when he first came up as a thug, but once he turned hero he was beloved. Now, the WWE plans on turning him heel once again? I don't think that will happen.

The signs of Cena being "angry" are not a heel turn. It is just anger for Kane.

Cena is angry that he is being tortured by Kane and hurting his friends.

He is not turning heel or "embracing the hate" as Kane says he wants him too.