Top Louisiana Bass Lakes

Jess KContributor IIIJanuary 30, 2012

Louisiana offers some amazing lakes and reservoirs for bass fishing. Because of its warm, moist climate, the central and northern parts of the state provide a great habitat for bass. Here are a few of Louisiana’s top bass fishing lakes:

The region right above Shreveport has some great fishing, and Caddo Lake is one of these great lakes. Caddo is located northwest of Shreveport and sits half in Texas and half in Louisiana.  It has many great coves and plenty of cover for bass. The lake supports a huge population of bait fish that allows the bass to grow big. There are several small towns around the lake, so you can rent a boat or talk to one of the locals to get some good bass fishing advice regarding which lures are hot.

Cross Lake sits just west of Shreveport and is a big lake. It has lots of small fingers that have good vegetation and are fairly shallow. These little fingers have thin bays and lots of cover for the bass. There are also good structures that bass use to their advantage to hunt. When fishing any of these lakes, it is almost always a good idea to check the local fishing regulations to make sure of the size limit and possession limit.

Wallace Lake is another great fishing lake that is just south of Shreveport. Wallace is a winding lake that has great underwater terrain. The town of Palmer Landing has a great dock and put-in point for boats. The lake has many fine places to fish for monster bass.

East of Shreveport is one of the largest lakes of the area. Lake Bottineau is a long, winding lake that has the perfect habitat for bass. There is plenty of vegetation to offer food for both bass and bait fish. The little coves are usually not too deep, but have plenty of cover so bass can hide and ambush their prey.