WWE's YouTube Channel: Not Allowing Comments Will Hurt Zack Ryder's Career

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIMarch 6, 2012

picture courtesy of wwe.com
picture courtesy of wwe.com

Zack Ryder is going to lose fans and momentum if the WWE doesn't allow comments on Z! True Long Island Story.

The WWE recently moved Ryder's YouTube show to the the company's channel in an effort to boost their exposure and to make more content. While Ryder's show is still getting views, it has lost a few of the things that made it special.

The first is that the WWE now endorses the show. There was a time when WWE ignored Ryder and looked like they were going to release him. Then Ryder started his show and got the fans to support him. His willingness to take risks and his underdog status made the fans clamor around him and support him.

It was almost the fans way of pushing him against WWE's wishes. Now that the WWE supports him and has made Ryder a part of their new lineup, it diminishes the feeling.

He is a company man and doesn't need the fans to keep pushing him. The underdog is now a cog in the machine. Ryder has now been absorbed into the company and while that should always have been the end result, some fans are fickle and will stop supporting him because of it.

The bigger issue is the fact that the fans can't comment anymore. Comments on YouTube have always been a double-edged sword with the ability to build communities or to insult other people.

In Ryder's case, it helped grow his fanbase. People from all over the world could post comments on his channel and cheer him on. They could interact with each other and in essence meet other "Broskis" who enjoyed the same kind of entertainment that Ryder was providing.

Now that is gone. There is no way for fans to directly voice their opinion on Ryder's YouTube product.

Just like when Ryder was starting his channel, they don't have a voice in the WWE.

The WWE could rectify easily. All they need to do is allow Ryder to kayfabe comment that it isn't fair to stop his comments and have that be the only video where comments are allowed. That way Ryder's fans could feel like the WWE is still catering specially to them and that their hero hasn't abandoned them.

They need to know that they still matter and haven't been dismissed. While allowing comments on Ryder's videos would push his popularity to even greater heights, dismissing them will cause damage to his character's credibility and merchandise sales.

Until then, fans are going to start seeing a dip in Ryder's popularity and YouTube hits.

That is until the WWE starts listening to the fans by letting them speak.