Diving Rolls and Head Bumps: Phoenix Suns on the Way to a Championship

Heather StidhamCorrespondent IFebruary 21, 2008


I am going to throw what little sports credibility that I might have out the window and predict that the Suns will win the Championship this year.

The Suns play a game that resembles that of the jailbreak scene in The Goonies. Many anticipated that the addition of Shaq would slow them down and change their style.  However, diving rolls and bumps on the head showed that the Suns will have to keep up with Shaq.


Say what you will about his almost frantic performance, the truth remains that the Suns almost beat, arguably, “the team to beat” in the Western Conference. And, lets face it: Kobe has won three championships, but only with Shaq by his side—Insert Steve Nash here.

With Stoudemire in peak form, Nash leading the league in assists and Bell and Barbosa rapidly evolving their games, the Suns are in a prime position to take it all the way. Add Shaq to the mix, who demonstrated last night with his hustle and determination that he is there to win, and the Suns quickly look like the team to beat.

I watched the Suns last night and saw hunger. Stoudemire has been ridiculed as a selfish player, but the addition of Shaq puts him in a perfect position to shoot for 25 points every night. And let’s face it, the guy is no fool. He has watched his team barely miss the mark on the bench and he knows what he has to do to take them to the end.

But, the Suns do have a long road ahead of them. The Hornets are playing tough basketball and Chris Paul is my vote for MVP at this point in the season. Add in the red-hot Rockets, the new Kidd on the block in Dallas and the defending Spurs and it is clear that only the strongest will survive.  

If I was a betting woman I would throw my money on the Suns. They just have that fiery look about them. They are passionate, determined, athletic and exciting to watch.   

What more could you ask for?