Daniel Bryan: Birth of the Vegan Cerebral Assassin

Barry SaundersContributor IIIFebruary 6, 2012

Cerebral Assassin: one who has superior intellect and utilizes their abilities to outwit any opponent in a competition.

Does the above definition, not describe Daniel Bryan; The Vegan Cerebral Assassin?

First, as a grown man, I understand anything and everything on WWE is driven by creativity, with the wrestlers having minimal input if any.

Yet, Bryan seems destined to start down a path reminiscent of great ring thinkers like Ric Flair, Edge, and his current boss the original Cerebral Assassin Triple H.  

First of all, the way Bryan won the title was genius.

For weeks after he won the SmackDown Money in the Bank match, Bryan told the WWE universe how he was going to wait for WrestleMania 28 to cash in his contract.

Then, when Henry dropped the title to Big show, who came scampering down the ramp, salivating like a wolf eyeing a wayward chicken…Bryan. Now, who cares if the victory was cheap, he still won. He could walk around the dressing room stating he beat the Big Show.

Next, the Vegan of Mean came up with victories over Show and Mark Henry. OK, he won them by the hairs on his chinny, chin chin…but he won. Who could not see the wheels turning in his devious mind  when, after being tossed out the ring by the Big Show…again, Bryan manipulated Henry—who was giving commentary at ringside—into becoming involved in his match, thus winning it by DQ after Henry pimped slapped him to the floor. Then, Bryan beat the World’s Strongest Man in a lumberjack match.

Now, Bryan, who watched the situation deteriorate right before his eyes, was wily enough to get the belt and run while the lumberjacks jumped each other and Mark Henry. And again…Bryan escapes with the title.

Notice a trend here? Not only does he remind me of HHH, but he also reminds me on the Honkytonk Man.

Then we get to Vegan Cerebral assassin's no DQ match with the Big Show. Bryan used his brains again, after his brawn failed. I lost count the number of times Bryan hit Show with a chair.

Yet, the giant kept coming, causing Bryan to utilize his back up plan: the delectable AJ.  While he did not go the route of Randy Savage and blatantly put AJ between himself and the Big Show, he did run past her, which resulted in the Big Show trying to follow…and we all know what happened then.

Down goes AJ…down goes AJ!

But Bryan was not finished…

He fought a crafty match at the Royal Rumble (RR), and was almost out the cage to victory, when Show got one of his big meat hooks on him. Bryan was gripped up while climbing over the cage by Show, but Bryan wriggled his way free, while suspended over empty air, and landed to the floor outside the cage. Once again…victory for Daniel Bryan. Not a coincidence…I guarantee.

Lastly, there are his actions during last week’s episode of SmackDown.

First, he tried to punk the Big Show, which caused the bigger man to get angry. The first job of any antagonist is to anger your opponent. Like Yoda said…anger clouds your judgment.  

Next, he got AJ to come out, and show the world how afraid she was of Big Show, but nonetheless, she helped her man by stepping in front of Show who was about to floor Bryan with a knockout punch. When the segment ends, we see Bryan walking with up the ramp, smiling that smile—you know the one fellas when you get one over on that anal orifice who always gives you grief—as he walks out with his girl and the belt.

Then at the end of the show Daniel Bryan tries to out wit…Randy Orton? Orton had just soundly dispatched the last guy who tried to punk him—old wade Barrett got TWO RKO’s for his troublesand out comes Daniel Bryan celebrating? Now, who comes out and interrupts Randy Orton…only a fool…or a man destined to have a great run in 2012.

Time will tell, but I think we might have one hell of a heel being developed in WWE.