Diamondbacks Become Sandwich Artists?

Jeff SummersCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2012

On Saturday February 11 the Arizona Diamondbacks will host their annual FanFest at Chase Field. This open house features several activities for the whole family. From going down onto the actual Chase Field playing surface to wiffleball games featuring your favorite Arizona Diamondbacks players to backstage tours of places such as the Diamondbacks clubhouse the FanFest has something for everyone.

Subway is again a primary sponsor of the event as they have been for the past several years. Leading up to the event the team and sponsor have several tie ins to get the fans excited for this fun event. Today is the first of these events and features three members of the Diamondbacks starting rotation.

From noon to 1:00 PM pitchers Ian Kennedy, Daniel Hudson, and Joe Saunders will be at the downtown Subway Café located at 35 W Jefferson in Phoenix. There they will meet with fans and answer a few questions.

Besides the Q&A session, these D-backs players are going to be put to work. For that hour they will be “sandwich artists” making sandwiches on site. I don’t know about you but I don’t remember ever seeing a 20-game winner throw on an apron and a pair of plastic gloves and get his fingers dirty laying condiments on a piece of fresh-baked Italian bread.

This may be the only opportunity you ever have in your life to shake off a pitcher. If I were Miguel Montero I would be all over this. Finally, here’s a chance to get back at all three pitchers for not agreeing with his pitch selection.

He should start off with indecision around bread selection then change his mind on type of sandwich at least three times before finally settling on what sounds the best. When it comes to condiments, pick something different for each and every sandwich. Oh did I mention that we need at least a dozen sandwiches each with a little something different?

By the end of that order Montero could work out every frustrating moment he ever had squatting down behind the plate in the hot Arizona summer sweating while Kennedy, Hudson, and Saunders shook off pitch after pitch. And don’t even get Miggy started when these guys forgot about the guy on first base who stole second without a throw to the base.

Yeah, I would definitely have a little fun with this one. I’m not saying Montero is vindictive or even if he had thought about this but wouldn’t it be worth a trip down to Subway today just in case? If for no other reason you can tell your kids all summer that the guy on the mound used to make a sandwich for you.