Chelsea FC: An Open Letter to Blues Owner Roman Abramovich

Stuart EastwoodContributor IIFebruary 12, 2012

Mr Chelsea
Mr ChelseaLaurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Dear Mr. Roman Abramovich,

I feel sure that, despite having spent most of the week at the Cobham training facility, you have been less than impressed with the performance of your team against Everton on Saturday. After the game, your manager, Andre Villas-Boas, described it to the BBC as "one of our worst displays of the season—if not the worst."

In hooking Chelsea's most creative player, his contribution to that performance should not be overlooked.

It is surely time to consider where Chelsea goes from here. Andre Villas-Boas arrived in London to succeed one of the most successful managers in European football, and it is right that we should recognize that Carlo Ancelotti brought Chelsea a ‘double’ in 2009-10.

However, in the following season, Chelea's play became so laborious and tedious to watch that I, for one, was delighted when you determined to remove Ancelotti and his coaching staff.

I was not sure that your next appointment was so smart, but Andre Villas-Boas arrived after winning the Portuguese league and a European trophy. He had done both in some style.

So we, the fans, looked forward to a return to some exciting, winning football. It got off to such a promising start. After a successful preseason and the signing of one of the game's new stars in Juan Mata, Blues fans were charged up and ready to go.

Sadly, from the ‘off’ it never looked great. Struggling in early games and a decisive defeat to Manchester United, it become clear to many that, whilst Villas-Boas may have something, he clearly does not yet have what it takes to manage at the top on the English game.

I will not labor on, but get to the point. You have to act and act now. Villas-Boas must go immediately. As you know, the failure to gain a Champions League qualifying place next season will be far more costly than paying the manager. Chelsea must have an experienced coach to finish the season.

Guus Hiddink is the man. He knows the club and has the respect of the players. You must use all your powers of persuasion to make it happen.

Come summer, you must reach for the cheque book again and move heaven and earth to bring back ‘the special one.’ Jose Mourinho was the greatest manager Chelsea ever had, or, indeed, ever will have.

The disastrous decision to dismiss him has to be rectified.

As he has continued to go from trophy to trophy at Inter Milan and now at Real Madrid, Chelsea has taken only backward steps over the last two years. Jose Mourinho seems ready to leave Real Madrid, so Chelsea must move now.

No other candidate should even be considered. What you have done for Chelsea in the last few years has been amazing. No Chelsea fan would say otherwise. Please do this one thing.

Sincerely and with respect.