LSU Basketball: Alabama Win Showcases Stellar Post Presence

Joshua BergeronContributor IIIFebruary 12, 2012

Trent Johnson's Tigers are loaded with talent but have yet to produce spectacular results this season.
Trent Johnson's Tigers are loaded with talent but have yet to produce spectacular results this season.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Sitting at 14-10, LSU looks an awful lot like a mediocre team.

With a 4-6 conference record, LSU Basketball looks even worse, especially with its less than stellar road record. The Tigers have lost every conference road matchup, and fell once at home to Kentucky. While losing to a talented Wildcats team at home is no surprise. Being 0-5 on the road, in-conference, is shameful with the talent the Tigers have.

The Tigers beat a depleted Alabama team at home by succeeding at what often doesn't work in the game of basketball, taking three point shots and not running plays.

However, a bright light emerged on the horizon last night in Baton Rouge when freshman Guard Anthony Hickey began to feed the ball to the beasts down low.

Since coming back from an injury, Johnny O'Bryant III has been spectacular for LSU. Add that with the talents of junior center Justin Hamilton, and LSU looks like a nice team. Hickey is also a nice addition to the line-up.

The problem lies in the fact that LSU does not know how to run an offense. 

Want to see a bunch of players take idiotic three point shots and miss them? Go to an LSU basketball game.

As a fan, I'm sick of seeing players take three point shots when LSU's post presence is the most impressive in the SEC. Just take a look at the physical size of O'Bryant and Hamilton in comparison with everyone else.

Kentucky freshman Anthony Davis would be most people's pick for the best post player in the SEC. But in comparison to O'Bryant and Hamilton, he is a twig.

LSU has big physical players. Davis is simply a highly touted, talented twig.

The only way for LSU to make the NCAA Tournament is for them to take advantage of this. Last night showcased that. Alabama was not able to out-rebound LSU, nor were they able to defend the stellar post shots that Hamilton and O'Bryant were taking.

I do not believe that LSU can beat Kentucky unless Ralston Turner and Andre Stringer stop shooting idiotic three-pointers with reckless abandon. Turner is a 3-star recruit. He needs to stop attempting difficult shots as if he is the best player in the nation.

If LSU can continue to feed the ball to the beasts down low and start to implement some kind of play book. They can win out and have a slim shot at the NCAA Tournament, pending a good showing in the SEC tournament.