College Football: Texas Aggies to the SEC, for Better or Worse

Travis NormandContributor IIIFebruary 13, 2012

Texas A&M vs. Arkansas: 2011
Texas A&M vs. Arkansas: 2011Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I have not met many Aggies that disagree with Texas A&M’s move from the Big 12 to the SEC. In fact, most Aggies that I have spoken to are excited about joining the country’s premier athletic conference.

However, not everyone shares this excitement. I have fielded comments from just about every fan base in the Big 12, who believe the SEC will prove to be too much for the Aggies to handle. These critics argue that A&M can expect nothing better than constant 6-6 seasons.

While I agree that there will most likely be an adjustment period for A&M, I don’t share the belief that the Aggies’ move to the SEC has condemned them to a lifetime of misery. Of course, until we actually see how the 2012 season turns out, the move to the SEC will be a subjective point of discussion among fan bases that are ready to see A&M fail in its new conference.

Texas A&M will find that the 2012 football season brings a new level of criticism. There are plenty of media outlets in Texas waiting like vultures to hammer A&M after their first SEC loss. To make matters worse, if A&M ends its inaugural SEC campaign with anything below a 6-6 record, everyone from El Paso to Houston will be saying “I told you so.”

Of course, most of these critics have missed the point. I hope I speak for most Aggies when I say that a 0-8 conference record in the SEC is better than a 6-6 season in the Big 12. Yes, that’s right—I would rather lose every 2012 SEC conference game than stay in the Big 12 for one more season.

It’s important to state this now, in February, instead of waiting until the 2012 season unfolds. Nobody wants to be in the position of having to convince themselves, and others, that they still believe it was a good decision to switch conferences, after watching what could be a disappointing first season in the SEC.

While I believe the Aggies will present a pleasant surprise in their new conference, I am officially serving notice to all of those who think A&M has made a mistake. 

Despite the fact that I believe the Aggies will hold their own against their new conference foes, I am informing others that regardless of how the 2012 season turns out, it will take a lot more to convince me that leaving the Big 12 was a bad idea.