WAC Football: Has Realignment Killed This FBS Conference?

Dave WalkerCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2012

The WAC has been around for more than 50 years and has seen many changes. It has gone from as many as 16 teams from back in the mid-1990s, to the present day look of just seven teams, two of which are making the leap from 1AA.

With Boise already gone, and Nevada, Fresno, and Hawaii all moving to the MWC, the question has been asked, what is left in the WAC?

As of now the 2012 football season looks to be something of a joke. Louisiana Tech may be the only squad to even have a winning record, as teams will be faced with having to schedule six non-conference games in 2012.

For example, if you live and die Idaho Vandal football, you'll be treated to several executions this fall, with trips to North Carolina, LSU and BYU, with a few possible contested battles with Wyoming and Bowling Green, and a maybe win at home versus Eastern Washington.

Even conference favorite LaTech has a tough road ahead with games against A&M, Illinois and Virginia.

So what exactly will this conference get out of getting its brains beaten in against national powers every week?

The answer? Nothing.

So why doesn't the WAC just dissolve, or at least try and joining the emerging MWC-C-USA merger? This would possible be able to make up to four divisions in this true "national" conference, and it would eliminate the embarrassment of seeing the WAC become the bottom feeder for all of Division I.

The bottom line is the days of the BYU's of the '80s and the Boise's of the 2000s are over. This conference is never going to be what it once was. College football realignment has killed it.

It is now time for the WAC to make a move for its remaining schools to eliminate future embarrassment for its football members.

What do you think? Should the teams jump ship and join the MWC-C-USA merger? Should they continue to add 1AA schools and hope for a brighter future?