TNA's Instant Impact for 2/16: Brandon Jacobs Edition

John Reid@JohnReidIVCorrespondent IIIFebruary 16, 2012

I'm sure this is what Bully Ray saw coming his way tonight.
I'm sure this is what Bully Ray saw coming his way tonight.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages: Welcome back to another edition of Instant Impact, where we break down the good, the bad and the ugly of each episode. So let's get right into the heart of Dixieland shall we?

Disclaimer: I don't watch spoilers so I can keep an open mind about each Impact episode.



Angle makes his presence felt - Earlier on in the show, we had TNA World Champion Bobby Roode take on Jeff Hardy in a one-on-one contest. At the end, our Olympic Gold Medalist decided to interject himself into the match and attack the Charismatic Enigma, giving Roode the opportunity to hit Hardy with the sorriest looking spear this side of Edge to win the match.

For me, anything that keeps Hardy away from the title is a plus. Also, putting him into a feud with Angle only increases the opportunity for great matches if he is motivated. After what occurred later in the show, it makes sense for Angle to come back to let everyone know he is still on the warpath for the title.


Knockouts' Battle Royal - The Knockouts' had their battle royal to determine the number one contender for the championship.  The end, however, left the door open for plenty of controversy. Velvet Sky looked to have had the win in hand when Madison Rayne came out of nowhere and threw Velvet over the top rope.

Now where this goes is anyone's idea, but it will be intriguing to see what happens between Gail Kim and Rayne as they prepare for their eventual match at Victory Road. Sounds like TNA is just setting up a filler match, but at least it keeps the Knockouts in the spotlight until Velvet gets Gail in the cage at Lockdown. No problems here.


Storm gets his one-on-one - Tonight continued to be the setup night, as the Tennessee Cowboy James Storm defeated Bully Ray to get his shot at his former Beer Money tag team member for the World Title. The match of the night (I dare say of the week), it showed how Storm can use the Last Call Superkick out of nowhere to beat Bully Ray, who was on his game.


Brandon Jacobs' goes all LT on us - Remember when New York Giants legend Lawrence Taylor got his shot at the late Bam Bam Bigelow at Wrestlemania? Well it looks like the not-so-legendary Brandon Jacobs is going to enter the squared circle as well, against Bully Ray.

The Super Bowl winning running back got the Carlito treatment from Ray and retailiated as a result.

Now, i'm not sure how TNA is going to do this, but I don't think we'll be seeing any powerbombs from number 27. More than likely they will have a brawl or two (again, I don't read spoilers) with Jacobs getting the upper hand in the long run. 

Although I wish they could've used someone else instead of the always entertaining Bully Ray, it should help TNA with some much-needed publicity.



Bischoff celebrates - Eric Bischoff and Gunner, aided by Ric Flair and the lovely Chelsea, came to the ring to gloat about Gunner beating Garret Bischoff at Against All Odds, which unfortunately means that this feud will continue. If anyone is listening, let's pray that this thing ends at Lockdown, although I doubt it will.


X-Division filler - The tag match between Austin Aries/Zema Ion vs. Alex Shelley/Shannon Moore was nothing to look at...moving on.


Roode says hello to Sting's family jewels - After finding out he would be facing Storm at Lockdown, Roode gave Sting a nice swift response with a kick to the nether regions. I fear that this will lead to them fighting on the Victory Road PPV, and if this doesn't scream out waste of time then I don't know what does.



EY and ODB - To quote Lamont Sanford, stop it, just stop it! You mean to tell me they couldn't have used that time to give the new tag team champs some love, or give some more info on the AJ Styles/Kazarian/Daniels issue? Not even a TV title match? Come on TNA, you're better than that!

Overall I think TNA is in a holding pattern until Lockdown, and that's not a good thing. Unlike the WWE, which can afford to book on cruise control until WrestleMania, TNA can't lose any momentum. They did tonight.