Vitali Klitschko Gets Slapped! Dereck Chisora Says He Will Shock the World

Martin SaltCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2012

Dereck Chisora calls out Vitali Klitschko for a duel...
Dereck Chisora calls out Vitali Klitschko for a duel...

The big fight this weekend is obviously the WBC heavyweight title clash between champion Vitali Klitschko and British challenger Dereck Chisora.

But things got a little tasty at this afternoon's weigh-in.

Vitali weighed in at 17st 6lb, while Chisora came in at 17st 3lb. To be fair, both fighters look in excellent shape and have clearly conditioned themselves well for the upcoming contest.

During the press conference Chisora has continued to show that he is full of confidence ahead of the battle. The Briton stated: "I know I've got to go in there and do a job on him. I'm in tip-top condition and the best shape I've been in in my entire career, so I'm confident I'm going to smash Mr Vitali Klitschko to bits."

Carrying on the bluster, Chisora continued: "I promise you, it's the end for Vitali. I will end the Klitschko reign and cause a massive upset that will be felt around the world. Everyone else who has fought the Klitschko brothers has been scared. This is one cat that isn't scared of him—or anyone..."

During all of this, Vitali kept to his usual gentlemanly self and staid he felt in superb condition and expected to win handsomely. The Ukrainian also quite graciously gave Chisora some respect and admitted that he was not in for an easy night.

Then came the usual obligatory stare down between the combatants which often can cause trouble. This time, Chisora went too far and slapped Vitali hard clean across the face.

Vitali was clearly furious and somehow managed to prevent himself from striking back. If he had done he would probably have ended the fight there and then.

Many media outlets have already been scathing in their reporting of Chisora's actions. Mike Costello of BBC Radio 5 Live at the weigh in called Chisora's actions "disgraceful."

So, if the fight had escaped your notice before, be sure to tune in on Saturday night as there is certainly a great deal of beef between these two fighters now.