WWE Elimination Chamber: Should CM Punk Really Lose the WWE Championship?

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IIFebruary 17, 2012

WWE Elimination Chamber is the final stop on the Road to WrestleMania, and is surprisingly one of the better-received gimmick PPVs, mainly because of its placement on the WWE calendar.

Being between Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, the Elimination Chamber gives its premiere match a greater sense of importance, for it's the last chance for men to headline Mania as champion.

And now it comes to us once again in just a few days, and as always, two Chambers will be held to decide the world champions heading into WrestleMania.

On the SmackDown side, it will be Daniel Bryan defending his world title against Santino Marella, Big Show, Great Khali, Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes. Not exactly the most exciting Chamber on paper.

However, the Raw Elimination Chamber is one that is greatly anticipated, as it will have the WWE champion, CM Punk, defending against The Miz, Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho.

Now that is one star-studded Chamber, and considering how good all six men are at working a match, throwing them all into one Elimination Chamber promises to be one of the better Elimination Chambers, guaranteed to steal the show.

However, realistically, only two men have a chance of winning this match and the title, and that's CM Punk and Chris Jericho.

These two are building up their new feud from the ground up, and are guaranteed to battle for the WWE Championship on the Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania.

The question is—Who should walk into WrestleMania as WWE champion?

This is a question that has the IWC split down the middle, as either of these two could win the chamber and still make the feud work for WrestleMania. Both men have reasons in the IWC as to why they should be the one to walk out WWE champion.

Chris Jericho is called to win the Chamber by many for the fact that the feud between him and Punk would be better if he walked into Mania as champion. With the notion that Punk would be better chasing the title, Jericho winning the title would be bringing some steam to the feud.

And if Jericho loses, they say he may not be taken seriously in a feud with Punk for Mania, and Punk winning the title at Mania would be a huge moment.

On the other hand, Punk has had a very successful and long title reign, the longest since The Miz's reign last year. Keeping the title all the way till Mania will bring quite a bit of prestige to the title and make it feel important. He has been on quite a roll, and losing here would really halt that momentum.

If Jericho were to win the title just to give it back to Punk a month later, it would be Batista/Cena all over again, playing hot potato with the title.

So who should walk out with the WWE title?

In my opinion, it should be CM Punk.

Maybe part of it is that I'm a huge CM Punk fan right now, but I am truly calling for a CM Punk victory this Sunday.

I mean, it wasn't too long ago that the IWC was calling for CM Punk to walk into WrestleMania with the WWE title, something they all longed to see.

Now, they are calling for Jericho to win the title and walk into Mania as champion.

Oh, how fickle the IWC can be and how quickly they change their minds.

CM Punk should win the Chamber because it would bring so much important and prestige to the title.

The WWE title has not been retained inside the Chamber since John Cena in 2006, and if Punk could pull it off, it would raise his stock considerably. And with the long title reign he would have heading into Mania, his defense of the title would on that stage would be of great importance.

Plus, should Jericho really win the title because it's the only way the feud between them should progress?

Hello, this is Chris Jericho and CM Punk we're talking about. They can make this feud work without Jericho winning the WWE title.You say he won't be taken seriously if he doesn't win, but there's more than one way to make an impact.

Here's a scenario: Punk retains the title in the Chamber and he celebrates, but as he turns around he is taken down by Chris Jericho. Frustrated and enraged at not winning, he snaps and absolutely destroys Punk in the Chamber. With Punk nearly unconscious, he grabs Punk's head and yells in his face "You are not better than me! You are not the Best in the World! I am!"

He then grabs the WWE title, and shoves it in Punk's face, saying "This is mine, and I will reclaim it, no matter what." He then throws Punk and the title to the ground to leave.

That would definitely keep Jericho a worthy adversary to Punk, and make him a very viable threat. Winning isn't the only way to keep yourself interesting.

Everyone also says that because it's the Elimination Chamber, one of the titles must change hands, and that two retentions in the Chamber are unlikely. Therefore, it's Punk who must lose.

However, like the old saying goes, "Anything can happen in the WWE."

Who said that both Daniel Bryan and CM Punk can't win their respective chambers, and both go to WrestleMania as champs?

I mean, isn't it the IWC's ultimate dream to see both men not just headline WrestleMania, but to headline both as world champions of WWE?

You guys change your minds so many times I lose count.

It would definitely be history if both titles are retained inside Satan's Structure, and that's what I think will happen.

Also, Jericho doesn't need to win the WWE title. He will still be big and a major adversary for Punk even if he doesn't. He's reached the point where he doesn't need the title.

And I honestly doubt he wants to. He's always been a class-act guy, putting so many younger and up-and-coming people over so they could get opportunities he was denied in WCW. I wouldn't be all that surprised if letting Sheamus win the Rumble instead of him was his idea.

Jericho knows he doesn't need the title, and that Punk is the present and future of this business. So putting Punk over inside the Chamber is not something we can so easily rule out.

However, that doesn't mean Jericho won't win Sunday.

The reasons stated for a Jericho win can be seen as valid, and anything can happen. If he does win Sunday, then I will be cool with that. I am a Jericho fan also, and I will adapt to the new story presented in front of him.

But no matter what happens, Punk and Jericho are destined to dance for the richest prize in sports entertainment on the Grandest Stage of Them All, so it may not matter who wins.

However, for the long run, it will be better if Punk retains his title. But that's just me.


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