Memo to NBA Players: Don't Drink and Drive...You Will Get Caught!

Shashwat BaxiCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2009

Anyone who watches television can see the commercials about police officers cracking down on people drinking and driving. The United States government is putting its foot down when it comes to DWIs and DUIs!

Just so there is no confusion, this applies to star athletes in the National Basketball Association as well as everyone else!

Over the last few days, THREE prominent names around the league have been reported as being charged or arrested for Driving Under the Influence.

Hall of Famer "Sir" Charles Barkley, guard Jason Richardson of the Phoenix Suns, and former All-Star Antoine Walker have all been reported as being busted for drinking and driving.

When will these guys learn that they are not above the law and that they can get arrested just like anyone else?

NBA superstars are some of the most recognizable people in the United States, which comes with a lot of responsibility to carry themselves as role models.

With all of the money that these guys make (or made in Walker's case), they could easily just hire a limo service to escort them to and from wherever they need to go. Either that, or just find someone to be the designated driver. These guys have to have enough friends, teammates, or fans that would willingly oblige to do so.

Drinking and driving is a serious issue and can be very dangerous to not only the drunk person and their passengers, but also for everyone else on the road.

Even Sir Charles might say that drinking and driving was a "turrible idea"!