FC Porto-Manchester City: Petty Porto Get Sour Grapes After Hulk Chants

Yoosof Farah@@YoosofFarahSenior Writer IIIFebruary 23, 2012

FC Porto Make Hulk Complaint
FC Porto Make Hulk ComplaintMichael Regan/Getty Images

FC Porto have shown their sour grapes as they prepare an official, and very petty, complaint to UEFA over taunts Givanildo Vieira de Souza received in last night's 4-0 defeat to Manchester City in the Europa League.

According to reports, the Dragoes aren't happy about City fans at the Etihad chanting "you're not incredible" and "cheat" to their forward, nicknamed Hulk because of his uncanny resemblance to Lou Ferrigno, who played the Incredible Hulk in the American TV series.

The Primeira Liga side, who second in the table behind SL Benfica, claim the chants constitute "unsporting behaviour," and with club spokesman Rui Cerqueira, the club will report City over the issue on the grounds that their fans acted in an "improper way."

When a club launches a complaint of unsporting behaviour, UEFA is obliged to open an official investigation, which is what they'll be doing in this case.

However, the investigation won't get very far, as it's clear there's nothing malicious in these chants—no swearing, no racism, no homophobia, and no threatening words.

After all, if Hulk doesn't understand English, the chants would have had zero impact anyway.

Plus, professional footballers around the world are subjected to much worse almost every game, and none of those chants warrant official investigations.

And in any case, what's wrong with a bit of banter from the fans? 

The whole ploy is clearly just sour grapes from Porto, and perhaps an attempt to stop the negative bombardment currently affecting the club.

The Portuguese side are facing disciplinary action themselves from UEFA for the first leg in the tie with Manchester City, after City rightfully launched a complaint of racial abuse towards their players.

As was clearly heard in the stands, Yaya Touré and Mario Balotelli were the victim of monkey chants from the Porto supporters, despite the club's defence that the fans were chanting "Hulk, Hulk, Hulk!" instead.

Unlike Porto's complaint, this one actually holds credibility, with the problem of racism in football still well and truly alive.

On top of that, FIFA is investigating alleged irregularities in Hulk's transfer to Porto, with third party dealings through Uruguayan side Club Rentistas—who Hulk never played for—evident.

Combine all that with an acrimonious 4-0 drubbing to Manchester City, ending Porto's defence of their UEFA Europa League crown, and it's clear to see how the club might want to deflect attention from their current troubles.

Nonetheless, by launching this petty complaint, Porto have just made themselves a universally derided team, making tit-for-tat complaints because there was no poor referee performance to moan about, and they can't take the fact they were well and truly beaten by a much better side.