Bassmaster Classic 2012: Keith Poche, Greg Vinson Duel Will Come Down to Wire

Scott Semmler@@ScottSemmler22Analyst IIFebruary 25, 2012

Keith Poche jumped out to an early lead at the 2012 Bassmaster Classic on Friday, hauling in 17 pounds, 13 ounces on his total catch, but the tournament will ultimately come down to a thrilling finish between Poche and contender Greg Vinson, who hauled in a total just one ounce less than Poche.

Vinson trails Poche by just one ounce heading into Day 2 in Louisiana and will be looking to spoil Poche's early lead at the Bassmaster Classic.

The two anglers hold a sizable lead over their nearest opponents, as third place angler Dustin Wilks has over a pound less than Poche and Vinson. The tournament looks to be a two-horse race as we head into the weigh-in later today and the final day on Sunday.

However, we can already pencil in a great finish between these two anglers.

These two overcame the odds and appear as relative unknowns atop the Bassmaster Classic leaderboard.

Vinson will not be letting up anytime soon, as he has a lot of experience and has finished in the money 17 more times than Poche and has completed a Bassmaster Classic before. Poche has had success in his shorter career, but he's a rookie to the big event.

It is safe to say that Vinson is the more experienced angler here, but Poche seems to be hanging tough—at least through Day 1 in Louisiana.

Because of the dispersion of totals weights between Vinson and Poche and the rest of the field, we should see a mighty good finish on Sunday night at the weigh-in.  

The weigh-ins are already a dramatic affair, as the Bassmaster Classic has done a great job building up to its final weigh-ins over the last few years. Many would contest that the tournament has become more of a product commercial than an actual big-time tournament these days, yet they make these tournaments that much better.

Vinson and Poche do not care. Poche is trying to win the Super Bowl of bass fishing in the most improbable of ways, and Vinson is trying to ruin his party by winning in his second try at the Bassmaster Classic.