WrestleMania 28: Should Cody Rhodes Face Big Show or Goldust?

TJ WalkerContributor IIIFebruary 26, 2012

It is a good time to be a wrestling fan right now.

With slightly over a month left until WrestleMania XVIII, intrigue and anticipation are at an all-time high. Already four main-event-level matches have been officially announced, two of which are for the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships.  

One will be a challenge against the legendary streak of The Undertaker and the final will be a huge match between two of WWE's biggest stars.

But what about the undercard?  

Often the WrestleMania undercard produces as many iconic moments as the main events.  The Money in the Bank ladder match (which is allegedly making its return to the event this year) is a good example of this.  As one could expect, the lack of any announced undercard matches is making some fans rather anxious. 

One rumored undercard match this year had fans all over the Internet buzzing and that was the match between current Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes and his older brother, Goldust.

At one point, this match seemed like it was completely locked in with Cody even nailing "The Bizarre One" with Cody's signature Beautiful Disaster kick.

And then, suddenly, the eldest Rhodes child simply disappeared from our television screens.  

However, just when it seemed as if Cody would not have his own WrestleMania opponent, the younger Rhodes brother decided to aggravate an already irritable giant called the Big Show.

Since the Elimination Chamber PPV in the beginning of February, Cody has cost Big Show multiple matches and then provoked the giant further by pointing out Big Show's rather disappointing WrestleMania record.

If the feud continues the way it's going now, it would be a fairly safe bet to say Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show for the Intercontinental Championship will happen at WrestleMania XVIII.

Which raises the question: Is WWE going the right route with Cody Rhodes?  

Should he face WWE's resident giant at the grandest stage of them all?  Or would it have been a better idea to stick with facing his older brother at the grandaddy of them all?

Well one of the obvious pros of Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust would be the nearly unanimous approval it would receive from many fans, including older fans who remember Goldust as well as the notoriously difficult-to-please Internet community.  

Compared to a match against Big Show, a Cody Rhodes-Goldust feud would likely be more technical and have a quicker pace to it.  

Another bonus would be the story that gets told in the ring.  After all, Cody and Goldust are brothers.  Cody has, on more than one occasion, stated that Goldust disgraced the Rhodes family name.

The sibling rivalry in this feud would be explosive, and having Dusty Rhodes participate in some manner would make the match even more intense.

On the opposite end of the spectrum lies Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show.  What this feud may lack in drama, it can easily make up for with raw intensity.

After all, the young Cody has been tormenting and taunting Show, who has been dealing with issues from Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry, for weeks now and the giant has yet to fully and properly vent his aggression.

This match would definitely lack the quick, technical style that would come with a match between the Rhodes brothers.  Instead, it would be a lot of Cody using guerrilla tactics against Big Show.  The problem with this is that we just saw Daniel Bryan try every hit-and-run tactic in the book back in January.  Unless Cody could find some new innovative way to redefine a David vs. Goliath match, this would get rather dull.

That being said, however, the buildup for Cody vs. Big Show would be really good.  Cody is great at playing a relentless bully and Big Show is great at playing a fed-up giant.  

But as I stated before, we just got through seeing this same scenario, only with Daniel Bryan instead of Cody Rhodes.

Overall, I think it would be a better idea for an implosion of the Rhodes family.

It would be something new and interesting; the drama and buildup would be spectacular (both Rhodes brothers are good on the mic and if Dusty Rhodes came in, that could only make things better), and the actual match would be entertaining to watch.