UFC 144 Results: It Might Be Time for Rampage to Hang 'em Up

Andrew BarrCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2012

Photo courtesy of MMAweekly.com
Photo courtesy of MMAweekly.com

Ryan Bader defeated Quinton "Rampage" Jackson at UFC 144 via unanimous decision.

Throughout the fight, Bader effectively bounced in and out of Rampage's range, avoiding his opponent's power shots and landing his own.

It was Bader's wrestling, however, not his striking, that won him this fight. After being slammed by Rampage in the second round, Bader snagged a takedown of his own and controlled the rest of the round.

In the third, Bader did more of the same, taking Rampage down and controlling him from the top position. He didn't do much damage from the top, but came close to locking up a kimura at the end of the third.

The loss was devastating for Rampage, who was looking forward to putting on a stellar performance for the crowd in Japan, but wound up disappointing his many fans.

Rampage spent much of his career fighting in Japan and it was there that he first achieved fame.

Although he seemed motivated to be performing in Japan after so many years out of the country, some are questioning Rampage's dedicated to this fight, given that he came in six pounds over the weight limit.

Indeed, for some time fans have been questioning Rampage's dedication to the sport, as he often seems unmotivated and has talked on multiple occasions about moving to professional boxing.

With the UFC 144 loss, Rampage is now 2-3 in his last five and one of those victories is controversial.

The way things are going—and I think we're all thinking this—it might be about time for Rampage to hang 'em up.

Am I saying he absolutely should retire?

No. Far be it from me to say that a man should stop doing what makes him his living.

What I'm saying is Rampage doesn't seem to enjoy the sport anymore and it's hard for fans to watch a fighter not enjoy fighting.

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