UFC 144 Results Frankie Edgar vs. Benson Henderson: Did the Judges Get It Right?

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IFebruary 26, 2012

Photo courtesy of MMAFighting.com
Photo courtesy of MMAFighting.com

Well there you have it. Benson Henderson took the UFC lightweight belt from Frankie Edgar at UFC 144 in Japan in what could be seen as a controversial decision.

Throughout the fight, Henderson landed a lot of devastating strikes that ended up breaking Edgar's nose and cause his eye to swell shut. On top of that Henderson and Edgar nearly split the amount of successful takedowns.

Now, the case for Edgar is that he landed plenty more shots than Henderson throughout the fight.

So how do you judge this fight? Do you judge based on damage or strikes landed?

Henderson was very aggressive and was able to control the center of the Octagon, so the judges did it get it right. If the fight would have went in Edgar's favor, though, it wouldn't have been a big deal in my eyes.

Regardless of how the fight went, I felt the respective fighter deserved the victory.

On my scorecard I had Edgar and Henderson split through the first four rounds and Henderson securing the fifth and final round to take home the belt.

It was a tough fight to score and could be as tough as Carlos Condit versus Nick Diaz (and slightly less controversial).

It was a good fight and regardless of the outcome, both fighters showed a lot. Edgar yet again showed tremendous heart and Henderson showed how truly talented he is.


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