MLB Spring Training 2012: Chipper Jones 'Fat Photo' Has Been Overblown

Andrew Hirsh@twitter.comContributor IIJune 17, 2016

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 13:  Chipper Jones #10 of the Atlanta Braves enjoys a laugh after almost colliding with Scott Linebrink #19 on a ground ball in the infield against the Florida Marlins in the ninth inning at Turner Field on September 13, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

When Chipper Jones arrived at spring training on Thursday, he was suffering from severe sunburns that prohibited him from even swinging a bat. But his physical pain was nowhere near as agonizing as the verbal beating the future Hall of Famer received for a photograph taken of him earlier in the month.

A member of the Associated Press snapped an unflattering picture of Chipper when he was in camp during optional workouts, making him look more husky than he actually is.

The breeze had blown Jones' shirt in a way that made his midsection look much larger than it actually is. Once the media—yes, that includes Bleacher Report—got a hold of the photo, it didn't take long before it became viral. 

Jones was unaware of the picture's existence or its rampant popularity until after he returned to the Braves' Buena Vista facilities this week. 

“I’m also fat now, from what I hear,” he said. “I’m a little worried, this is the first time I’ve ever been called fat.”

This unfortunate situation has caused quite a stir through the baseball world—and it's completely unwarranted. Contrary to what the picture may portray, Jones is actually in great shape. In fact, he may be healthier now than he's been in several years.  

“Thing is, I’m seven pounds lighter than I’ve ever been in camp, and now I’m fat,” he said. “I weigh 226, 227. Usually I’m 235.”