Buffalo Bills: A Glimpse into 2009

Mandy CameronCorrespondent IJanuary 8, 2009

With another below mediocre record under Buffalo's belt, it's once again time to look ahead to "next year."  Two words fans are getting used to saying.

So, the question is, who should Buffalo's new additions in 2009 be, to change those two words to "Super Bowl"?

I'm going to state the obvious up front.  (No pun intended.)  They need to put a lot more pressure on the opposing quarterback.  Without the presence of Aaron Schobel, the Bills' sacking ability was nearly non-existent—22 for the season, to be exact.  Denney and Mitchell lead the team with a whopping four apiece.

Unless Buffalo trades up—which I don't see happening—Brian Orakpo of Texas is the only defensive end that I feel is worthy of a first round pick.  Some might argue that Tyson Jackson out of LSU might be a good choice.  I would agree.  Just not for Buffalo's plan.  He's not a "take down the QB" kinda guy.

Which leaves looking for a DE in free agency.

Hey, Buffalo!  I'd love me some "Peppers" on my pizza with a side of wings.  *wink wink*

The Bills have been lacking at tight end for quite sometime.  A blocking TE is who Buffalo tends to focus on.  How well is that working out?

I'll tell you.  It hasn't.  Not since Riemersma.

Maybe taking a chance on a 6'6" TE/WR out of OU is the way to go?  Jermaine Gresham could very well widen the field.

I also think they need some leadership and experience at the QB position.

Trent Edwards was spot on before his injury.  When he returned he seemed to have lost a good portion of his confidence.  Something from which he seemingly couldn't recover.  Which leaves me wondering, which Trent will show up next year?

Kerry Collins or Jeff Garcia would fit in nicely.  They will fill two rolls well.  Both are great mentors and will council Edwards through the mentality aspect of the game.  Secondly, both are more than capable of taking the helm and leading the team down the field, if need be.

Every year Arizona was at the top of the draft.  Their picks were solid, yet every year they'd remain in the basement in their division and in the league.  It took a veteran quarterback with heart and a head on his shoulders to lead them to the playoffs.

A person like this is exactly who the Bills are longing for.  They're hungry.  They just need guidance.  There are enough youngin's on the team.  Buffalo needs to look for established players at this point.

I believe if Buffalo chooses carefully, fills the holes well, they could make a run to change their area code from 0-4-4 to 1-4-5.