Flag As Offensive: My Response To One Of BR's Finest

Roberto ArevaloCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2009

I understand this is not what Bleacher Report is intended for, but I could not let this go without merit. Below are the two comments that spurred me to write this:

1) by D about 12 hours ago:

First off Roberto, you need to drop the o at the end of your name, we aren't in Mexico anymore. Second anyone who's team is continually pounded by The Ohio State University should not talk about laying an egg. You are true reflection of the team you represent, MORON!

2) by D about one hour from now:

Sorry to disapoint [sic] you but I am one of the few legal american citizens who do still have job still thanks to you and your family members who jump the border to steal American jobs because you will work for $4 a day. I am also in the military so I can say for sure I do more for this country than you ever will. Later loser.

Let me begin by saying, in 2009, it is sad to see people like "DB" still, in fact, exist. Especially after we just elected an African American to the White House. While racism may still exist, the color of our skin should not be outdone by the content of our character.

These comments came in response to an article I wrote critiquing Ohio State and its recent failures in the BCS, fair or unfair. I wrote it and I stand by my work. I am well aware OSU fans had every right and to feel jaded and respond. And a lot of them had very good points in support of their team. Great, that's what BR was intended for.

Then comes this guy "DB," who has the audacity to come at me, questioning my citizenship, insulting my Mexican American background, my family, and culture as a whole. All because of what? Because I wrote about Ohio State losing in the BCS. A well-known fact. Please.

Just to be clear, I am 25 years old, a graduate of the University of Michigan, and live and work in Washington, D.C. I was born in Weslaco, Texas, and raised in Donna, Texas. My family and I are all U.S. citizens.

This "man", or so he falsely claims to be, says he is in the military. Great. He is serving our country and should be applauded for doing so. However, let me say this: What is the point of serving our country and trying to uphold our great American values if he does not understand what exactly he is serving for.

He can't even fill out a bio or use his name because it's clear he is uncomfortable in his own skin. Which is why he used no picture (or had my picture up at the time of this article) to inspire him on what a respectable human being looks like.

Comments like those above are exactly what is wrong with this country—and arguably most sports teams. Ignorant people with a backwards mentality that do nothing to serve push this great country forward.

It is one thing to attack my article, but to attack me personally when I had every right to write that article is just...well, you can call what it you like, because at the moment, I have nothing nice to put here.

I understand this "man" is not a true reflection of the good people on BR. I do not want to get into racism and race relations, although in this case I think I have every right. I just want to put this into perspective.

This should not happen, and quite frankly, I will not stand for it. So here I am taking time out of my work day to respond to this "man" because I think he deserves some credit for showing everyone what kind of people are still among us.

Thank you for your time. I will go back to writing about my teams now.