Could Eve Torres Occupy Lita's Old Spot with Kane?

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIMarch 4, 2012

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Nothing can replace Lita, but Eve might be the perfect companion for Kane and a way to give his character an added twist.

Eve is the most hated female wrestler in the WWE right now after having put Zack Ryder in the "friend zone" and then admitting that she was just using him. There is nothing that fans can understand more then a rejection from a crush.

It is something we have all faced.

Turning the natural heat to her advantage was the next logical step, but having her pair with Kane would be even better. As someone who is hated by the audience she would be the perfect companion for someone who teaches people to "embrace the hate."

He could use her to bring peoples hate forth to the surface while she uses him to push her career to the top.

The WWE is now PG, though they are straying somewhat from that rating, so Kane couldn't physically assault the other Divas for Eve. He could intimidate them or stop them from making it into the ring if he wanted to.

It would also be about mixing ideologies. Kane would use Eve to bring out the crowd's hate. Eve would use Kane to get herself more opportunities. It would push them from heel level to full blown super villains.

That is something the WWE needs to be doing more of. Characters like CM Punk, Zack Ryder and Santino Marella are getting over. The fans are looking for the silly and the absurd.

The other side to that coin is for some wrestlers to become dark and evil.

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Kane was at that level for a while, but after losing to Cena in the Ambulance Match at the Elimination Chamber, he lost a lot of steam. He needs to do something to build himself up again. Consorting with Eve is the perfect choice.

Jim Ross even called her a "Jezebel" in one of his blog posts after her heel turn. The biblical reference is a solid one. Ignoring religious connotations, Jezebel is one of the most despised women in the text and is truly an "evil" character.

Both Eve and Kane have two of the most despised emotions in humanity today. Greed and hatred.

Pairing them together makes perfect sense and would give them the added twist that each character needs to put them over the top.

Then the WWE can start building a hero to oppose them.

It would be interesting to see who it could be.