TNA Should Stop Using Jesse Sorensen's Real Neck Injury to Turn Zima Ion Heel

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIMarch 5, 2012

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Jesse Sorensen is a wrestler who suffered a real broken neck and potentially a career-ending injury. Now TNA is using it as an angle to get the wrestler who gave it to him over as a villain.

It isn't the classiest move. In fact it gives wrestling a bad name.

Ion's knee struck Sorensen on the side of the head and damaged him to the point where he had to be removed by stretcher from their match.

It has since been revealed in an article on that doctors expect Sorensen to make a full recovery.

So it should stand to reason that the company could move on and allow its wrestler to heal in peace.

Instead, TNA decided to let Ion cut a promo rejoicing in the fact that he got a title opportunity and mentioning that he was willing to break necks to make it to the top. He even mentioned that he would break the cameraman's neck if he had to and then ended it by saying he would rather be called a fruit than a vegetable.

This isn't the direction the company should be going in. TNA has had sub-par ratings and a lack of appeal because of their shock-style stories which focus on controversy. The problem is that unlike the 1990s, fans don't want controversy today the same way they did back then.

Especially not when it draws from such a negative reality in wrestling. It would be like if WWE made a story angle out of the Chris Benoit tragedy.

It's tacky and shows the darker side of wrestling to anyone who watches it. It shows critics that they are right and that pro wrestling is all the base things that they claim it is. That it is a business willing to do anything to make a buck.

Just because something can be used doesn't mean it should be.

Wrestling can be full of controversy and spectacle, but it can also be theatre. Using this tragedy as an angle just shows a lack of class and imagination on the part of those making it happen.

The irony is it won't even give Ion the right kind of heat with the crowd. They won't despise him as a character or be annoyed with his mannerisms. They will hate him as a person and want him removed from the roster.

It will net him short-term success and help the company in whatever their immediate plans are, but it will hurt them in the long run.

TNA will turn into another company that was willing to do anything to get ahead.

And the world has enough of those.