Goal-Line Technology Approved by FIFA: English, German Companies Battle It out

Daniel GoochAnalyst IMarch 5, 2012

Goal-line technology will show if the ball goes over the line.
Goal-line technology will show if the ball goes over the line.

FIFA have said that they will give the thumbs up to goal-line technology in 2013 if the system is efficient and fast enough for the game.

There are two possible systems that have been approved that will prove if the ball has crossed the goal line.

One is from the German company, GoalRef. Their system uses a magnetic field and sensors in the goal posts. There is a device inside of the ball that lets off signals to the sensors in the posts.

Very technical. Very German.

The other system is British. Hawk-eye is the system used at Wimbledon and other major tennis tournaments, as well as at cricket games, to see if it was a wicket or LBW.

Hawk-eye has been used for years in other sports and now is an option in the goal-line technology battle.

There are going to be rigorous checks on these systems this summer to see if there are any problems with the systems. If the IFA approve one of the systems, it will not be available for next season. Instead it could be used at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. 

Sepp Blatter, not the most loved person in football, is now in favour of goal-line technology. This is a turn around from the last World Cup when he said there was no need for it, after Frank Lampard's "ghost goal" against Germany.

Goal-line technology has been spoken about for a number of years. If sports like tennis and cricket have this technology, why doesn't the most popular sport in the world have it?

Of course, it will only be used at the higher end of football. You wont see this technology at a Sunday League game at the local park.

It is now a race between the British and German companies to make their system the best.

Personally, Hawk-eye looks to be the better system. It has been used in other sports, it has been beneficial to those sports, and is accurate. The GoalRef is new technology and is just a bit too "sciency" for a simple game of football.

By Brazil 2014, there will no longer be shouts of, "that was over the line ref!!".

Goal-line technology is here!