Why Can't They Find an Opponent for Anderson Silva?

Mike DAnalyst IJanuary 9, 2009

Please take my whining with a grain of salt due to the fact that I would pay $50 to watch a card that featured Spider fighting a pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears (it's gonna happen again...soon) or a card that featured Anderson fighting a 1,200 pound Grizzly Bear.

Just for the record: Silva by first round KO over Spears, and Silva by third round PETA stoppage over the Grizzly.

Is there not one 185er who could even pose a threat to "the Spider?" Does he need to move up to 205 just to prove that he is No. 1 PFP ?

Granted, he was spoon-fed the 205 equivalent of Gerber's baby food in James Irvin, but my real question is whether or not the natural 185ers are cutting their way down to 170 just to get the hell out of the same division as the guy?

Or have they just accepted the fact that they have zero chance of taking the guy's belt and started carb-loading and lifting to get to 205? (Hmmm, Ace vs. Hendo at 205, smells funny.)

I don't think it's fair to sit the guy down in Joe Silva's office and tell him, "We're not gonna put you on a card until:

A) We find someone at 185 that we think people would actually spend money on to see you fight


B) Sorry Andy, but your next payday comes when you step into the cage weighing 205 pounds."

Assuming B is the case, watch how fast Franklin, Hendo, Machida,...etc race each other down to 185.