All-Star Chris Paul? I'll Take Deron Williams

Dallin PageCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2008

Chris Paul is the best young point guard in the league, and quite possibly one of the best ever.

At least, this is the cry of enthused NBA fans heard around the nation.

They rant and rave about Paul’s success and the numbers he has enjoyed this season and in seasons passed.  They name him as a top contender for the MVP, alongside LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

But what these fans are not taking into consideration is the fact that Deron Williams completely owns Chris Paul.

Many readers will probably question this claim emphatically, "What?!?!"  But the statistics cannot be ignored.

Though their season stats are almost identical—with Paul having a very slight edge in a few categories—every time the two have competed, Williams (drafted just a spot ahead of his rival) has taken him to school.

Williams has proved to be the superior player and is 6-2 in head to head matchups against Paul. 

Anyway, last time I checked the most important measurement of a player’s worth was judged by how often and how well he led his team to victory.  For those who would argue that Paul has produced better stats in these games, this is simply not true.

Now I am not saying that Chris Paul is not an excellent player, because he is, and he has done a great job with his team.  

This is just a matter of getting the respect for a more than deserving player, a player who has been overshadowed by others inferior to him.

Paul is a fine player, but I think that his problem is his size.  He is only six feet tall, quite small by today's standards.  It is very hard for him to keep up with larger guards such as Deron Williams (who is six foot three), even with his blazing speed and quickness.

I truly believe that height is what gives Williams the advantage.  Just look at players like Yao Ming.  Ten years ago you never would have heard of a seven foot six inch tall player.  Nowadays, the standard of height is ever increasing.

There are currently some very tall athletes playing college ball, just waiting in the wings for their NBA time to come along.  For one, Hasheem Thabeet of UConn is seven foot three.  

But the true monster?  Kenny George from UNC-Asheville.  This player is seven foot seven and 360 pounds!  No one in the league is going to be able to stop this monster.

I have no doubt that Paul will continue his career as an excellent player.  And, rightfully, he will garner many accolades for his success.

But can we also show a little respect for a man who has actually led his team to the playoffs?  Who led his team to the Western Conference Finals in 2007?  Who plays for our country's Olympic team?

How about we show some respect for the guy who beat Chris Paul in the Skills Competition and set a new record for time completed in on the way?  Or do you still not get it?