Notre Dame Cancels Contract With NBC Due to a Better Offer From CBS

Isaac LuberSenior Analyst IJanuary 10, 2009

Earlier this week, Notre Dame director of athletics Jack Swarbrick announced that Notre Dame will be cancelling its contract with NBC.  When asked for an explanation, he announced, "CBS has given us a better offer.  They are demanding less money, more pre-game coverage for every game, and they are making every one of our games televised, and all will be played during prime time on Saturday nights."

CBS was being questioned on this decision, since they have been televising many SEC games for years, and the common thought around the Nation is that they would be making a contract with the Southeastern Conference.  CBS was unable to answer this question, so questions started to go towards Viacom (who owns CBS).

The chief executive and President of Viacom Philippe Dauman requested an interview to answer this question.  Philippe stated, "I am a die-hard Notre Dame fan.  After these past two seasons, I feel as though we are really on the rise.  Charlie Weis has us going in the right direction.  The reason that I put Notre Dame in the position where every one of their games will be on Saturday night is because I am positive that America would much rather watch us play Nevada than watch BYU play Oklahoma."

When asked how he could be sure that America would rather watch Notre Dame vs. Nevada than BYU vs. Oklahoma in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, he replied, "I talked with some Notre Dame fanatics, and they agreed with my thought.  Based off of that, I could be confident that everyone else would be fine with this decision."

He was then asked if he thought that the Notre Dame game would compete with BYU vs. Oklahoma for viewers.  He answered laughing, "Don't worry about that!  We paid both ABC and ESPN five trillion dollars each not to air that game.  The BYU vs. OU game will now only be available on pay-per-view, for a raised price of $500."

When asked where he got the money, he responded, "Notre Dame alums, of course!  A few ND fans I know are CEOs of big corporations and other business owners.  I also got some of the money from fortune-inheriting alums, and I used some of my own money."

After the interview with Philippe, CBS came out with a statement.  It read, "Our President and all staff of both Viacom and CBS feel that after seeing Notre Dame on NBC in impressive games against Syracuse, Michigan State, San Diego State, Pittsburgh, and Boston College this season, we felt the need to make sure that every person in America will be forced to watch all of Notre Dame's games, or no games at all.

We are proud that we represent such a fine program, especially in wake of 3-9 and 7-6 seasons; Notre Dame is on the rise, and we feel confident that this contract will do nothing but bring the best for both CBS and the University of Notre Dame."

Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis was later asked to comment on this contract, and he said, "Well, we have the best fans in the world.  They deserve to see us and only us play.  We are really on the rise.

I feel that we will go undefeated next year.  If you look at it, USC is definitely on the downfall, as are teams like Florida, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, and Alabama.  I have no question in my mind that this will be a decision that the world will rejoice over for years to come.  They will get to see the best football team in the Nation play games every Saturday night."