The Death of Marquis Daniels' Fantasy Basketball Value

Eric AdelmanContributor IJanuary 10, 2009

With Mike Dunleavy out with a knee injury for the first two months of the season, fellow teammate Marquis Daniels stepped up big for the Indiana Pacers. Emerging as a solid fantasy player, fantasy owners who were lucky enough to scout Daniels on the waiver wire found him to be a valuable commodity.

However, with Dunleavy recently returning to action on Jan. 7 and Daniels out indefinitely with a tender left groin, fantasy owners everywhere are digging the grave of Daniels' fantasy value. We are all mourning his loss.

For the first two months of the season, the Sideshow Bob look alike filled in for Dunleavy rather nicely.

He averaged 15.3 ppg, 5.0 rebounds, 1.7 turnovers, 1.1 steals, and 0.5 blocks. While he was inconsistent at times he made fantasy owners look smart by picking him up. Putting a smile on their faces every time he posted a nice line.

Perhaps the saddest part about Daniels' departure from the fantasy world is that he was beginning to show flashes of true brilliance. Before missing three games due to a viral infection, he recorded three straight amazing performances.

On Dec. 15 against the Washington Wizards he filled up the stat-sheet by scoring 20 points, shooting 58.8 percent from the field with eight rebounds, seven assists, one steal, and one block.

He followed that stellar night up with 23 points, eight rebounds, five assists, three steals, and one block against the Golden State Warriors.

He returned from sick leave against the Memphis Grizzlies without missing a step. Daniels made up for his three-game absence and gave his owners a late Christmas present.

On the day after Christmas, he torched the Grizzlies for 28 points, two three-pointers, five rebounds, three assists, and two steals. Doing his best impersonation of star teammate, Danny Granger.

Even though the Grizzlies, Warriors, and Wizards' defenses are nothing to write home about, no one can deny his preeminent production during that week plus span.

He has not been the same since his dazzling performance against the Grizzlies as the most points he has scored is a mere 13.

After playing for the first 11 minutes against the Denver Nuggets on Jan. 5, he was shutdown with a left groin injury. He has been on the sidelines for the team's last two games and doesn't appear to be coming back anytime soon.

Daniels' loss has left many fantasy owners with some tough decisions to make. The big question that many owners are facing remains, "Whom do I pickup now?"

Great question. Unfortunately, I don't have the answer.

One thing remains certain, however, he will be missed. Thanks for the memories, Daniels' fantasy value. R.I.P.