Los Angeles Angels Scout Thrown out of Giants Spring Training Workout

Gil ImberAnalyst IIMarch 8, 2012

After being ejected three times in 2011, Giants manager Bruce Bochy finally turned the tables, ejecting an Angels scout for watching a Giants' pre-game workout.
After being ejected three times in 2011, Giants manager Bruce Bochy finally turned the tables, ejecting an Angels scout for watching a Giants' pre-game workout.Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants played umpire Wednesday when the team ejected Los Angeles Angels scout Jeff Schugel from the Giants' Scottsdale Stadium during morning workouts.

As owner of the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (yes, it exists), I routinely consult MLB box scores to take note of any ejections that might have occurred on a given day, as indicated in the official game's box score.

Just for good measure, I also receive Google Alerts for the term "ejected," for those pesky nothings of a heave-ho that elude the official scorer.

So this morning when I finally had the chance to read about something more pleasant than occupants being ejected from vehicles or more earthly than our sun ejecting a solar flare, I was surprised to see that Giants manager Bruce Bochy had orchestrated the rarest of spring training ejections.

Upon ejecting the longtime professional baseball scout, Bochy declared, "I don't think it's the time for scouts to be there," while Schugel described it as the oddest preseason circumstance of his career: "An usher told me I couldn't be there. I thought he was joking. In 25 years, I've never had that happen to me ... I just wish I knew their policy."

Evidently, the Giants didn't know their policy regarding scouts either.

Though San Francisco's senior director of media relations Jim Moorehead initially stated that scouts were not permitted to attend workouts prior to gates opening to the public, Giants GM Brian Sabean later overruled Moorehead, classifying the issue as "a misunderstanding," stating that scouts from other clubs are welcome to watch workouts.

According to Sabean, scouts such as Schugel will be welcome to watch pre-game workouts once again tomorrow.

Unfortunately for Sabean, Bochy doesn't agree: "I don't think that's the time for scouts to be there ... We wanted [the stadium] cleared."

Angels GM Jerry Dipoto agreed with Sabean, stating that Angels workouts at Tempe Diablo are open to all: "Fans can come in, scouts can come in ... Our workouts are open."

Something must be brewing in the NL West—Diamondbacks skipper Kirk Gibson also expelled rival scouts from his club's facility during pre-spring training drills. The Giants and Diamondbacks fought for the NL West crown in 2011 and figure to resurrect their battle again in 2012.

The Giants are also locked in a bitter dispute with the Oakland Athletics over territorial rights in the Bay Area and may halfheartedly still be sore about a certain 10-year-old Fall Classic.

San Francisco's journey to Anaheim for a three-game interleague set on June 18-20 will be the Giants' first trip to Angel Stadium since the Angels won Games 6 and 7 of the 2002 World Series.

Judging by Bochy's actions Wednesday, the Giants aren't taking any chances this time around: The Orange-and-Black will try to make it three-out-of-five games by the time July rolls around. 


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