WWE Raw: John Cena Will Always Come in Second to the Rock

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIMarch 8, 2012

picture courtesy of wwe.com
picture courtesy of wwe.com

John Cena lost the war of words with the Rock this past Monday on RAW.

He also lost to him in promos last week.

In both of them, John Cena was able to annihilate the Rock verbally and show him up, but the crowd cheered for the Brahma Bull.

It didn't matter that Rock was pandering to the audience or that Cena was relevant in what he said. It didn't matter that the Rock exposed his notes on his arm and that Cena caught him or that Cena didn't need such things to help him with his own rants.

It didn't make a difference that the best Rock promos this Monday came pre-recorded while the one in the ring was only subpar.

It was pointless to show that Cena was preaching as a wrestler while Rock was talking about being an entertainer.

The fans had their savior picked out, and it was the Rock. There was nothing Cena could do about it then, and that won't change at any point. Even after WrestleMania there is nothing Cena can do about it. 

Twice Cena has now been able to humiliate the Rock with the microphone, and both times it was ignored. He just couldn't get fans to see past their hatred of his stagnant character, something he has shied away from recently, to see that he was doing something new.

He was telling them the truth. The Rock is there to trend and re-launch his movie career. He may be there for the fans as well, but they aren't his sole purpose for showing up, when he does. 

He is there because he wants to extend his entertainment opportunities.

For as much as Cena is hated, he is always there for the fans. That includes the ones who boo him and wish him ill. He shows up for them so that he can entertain them, albeit in a different manner. He is there for them.

That isn't what fans want to see, and so they blind themselves to it. That is why the Rock won, because fans wanted him to.

John Cena can win every battle of words.  He can beat the Rock in any match they have.

He just can't win when it comes to perception from the fans.

Rock will always be the people's champ, and Cena will always be the polarizing figure who is loved by kids and hated by adult males.

On the next RAW, Cena might come out and beat the Rock yet again when it comes to speaking live in front of an audience. He might even throw the Rock off of his game again.

As long as the viewers want the Rock to be victorious, he always will be.

And there is nothing Cena can do about that.